Overview of Mailbox Cleanup feature in Outlook 2013

A quick lowdown on the Mailbox Cleanup options available in the 2013 iteration of Ms Outlook

Overview of Mailbox Cleanup feature in Outlook 2013
It won’t be wrong to state that Microsoft has done a marvelous job in adding up some really interesting and useful features and tools in its latest Outlook email client. One such tool is the Mailbox Cleanup Tool which is available with a sleeker interface in the 2013 iteration. As the name suggests, this tool has been especially designed to cleanup the mailbox of unwanted mails and much more. In this article, we will enlighten you on all that you wish to know about the new Mailbox Cleanup Tool.
For those of you, who are still pondering on what is the need to use the Mailbox Cleanup Feature in Outlook, let us throw some more light on it. This is a powerful feature that enables you to not only view the size of your mailbox but also allows you to manage it, so that you can send and receive email messages in a better and desired way. Moreover, you get the ease to delete, archive and do many more actions to your messages in the mailbox through this amazing feature.
First of all, let’s us acquaint you with the way to open this mailbox cleanup tool in MS Outlook 2013. All you need to do is just click on the File Tab, where you will be able to see the Account Information. Secondly, you will need to choose the Mailbox Cleanup Option that will appear on the right side. Thirdly, choose the Cleanup Tools and select the options as per your preference from the drop down menu. At last, you can return to the main Outlook page by just choosing the Arrow that is present on the top left hand corner of your main Account Information page.
Now, elaborately speaking, there are in all five sections in the Mailbox Cleanup Tool. Let us talk about them one by one. On top is the section where you can View the Mailbox Size. Here you can get a detailed glimpse of your Inbox and other Mail Folders with the size of all the messages in these particular folders. Second Section in this tool is meant for a Specific Search. Just by setting your search preferences, you can find even the old messages or even choose the non-relevant ones for deletion. Third Section enables you to AutoArchive your messages. Just by setting your archive settings, you can use this feature in cleanup. Fourth Section is to Manage Deleted Items, where you can view the deleted items along with their size. Lastly comes, the section for Sync Conflicts that enables you to delete alternate copies from the mailbox.
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