Outlook Tools Worth Using

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used non-browser based emailing platforms. It owes its wide following to its user-friendly interface and a wide variety of customization options. However, most people take advantage of only a small number of the tools Outlook offers them to simplify and improve their email experience.

Here are some helpful Outlook tools to save time and energy when using Outlook:


Frequently email is used to conduct inter-business conversations between people whose varied inputs are all needed on an issue. Using the standard Outlook arrangement to engage in and follow these conversations can make it a time consuming and frustrating process. There is another option, however. Known as conversation view, this tool can be accessed from the view menu within Microsoft Outlook. You can change a message from regular view to conversation view and it will display the messages in an easy to follow layout that makes tracking multitudinous responses less tedious.


Have you ever wanted to gauge the opinion of a group of people in a more immediate way than asking for all of their separate inputs? Microsoft Outlook offers an excellent solution. When writing a message, open the Options tab and use the message tracking feature to add voting buttons, read receipts or a variety of other tools that can add a whole new dimension of usefulness to email.


Emailing sensitive information always poses some risk, but Microsoft Outlook offers a unique feature to help mitigate this. Known as Information Rights Management, this feature allows you to send information with a heightened level of security. It protects documents, presentations, images, or any other file type with internal protections that limit access to those who have a predetermined access code. The protection is maintained no matter where the file is sent, a powerful tool against the distribution of sensitive information.


Occasionally, even the much esteemed Microsoft excel can fall prey to the devices of scammers or malware. Such an occurrence can manifest itself in various ways including phantom messages sent to contacts, lost files, and generally buggy operation. Fixing these issues can require the use of external tools in order to ensure a complete solution. An Outlook repair tool, like this one available from Datanumen, can offer the best response when a malware intrusion is encountered.
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