Outlook Quirks -The Image Included in Your Signature can Show up as an Attachment

A lot of Outlookelectronic-signature-income-tax-return-substitute-itr-V users like to create their personalized signatures that get automatically added when they send out an email. Signatures in Outlook serve as a great branding opportunity and you can include a lot of information in it from website links to your company logo or product image. Now if you have included an image file in your signature it should typically appear as an embedded image along with the signature text. However in some cases, you may find that the image appears as an attachment when your email is accessed by some recipients. In fact some of your contacts may inquire whether you had shared any attachment file with your email. The issue can originate due to several reasons and we would look at them in detail.


Understand why the image carried with your signature can show up as an attachment

One of the most likely reasons behind this issue cropping up involves the emails getting read in plain text or any non HTML format at the recipient end. So if any of your contacts is experiencing the issue, you can ask him to check his email settings and enable email reading in HTML mode. Also there is a possibility that the reader may be using a different client or online platform that does not Outlook emails in the right fashion. Now if your recipient is using Ms Outlook and is still experiencing the issue, the cause is most likely to be a virus scanner which is blocking the image.


Best Possible Workaround to resolve the issue

If you want the image associated with your signature to show up in normal fashion for most recipients, you need to consider hosting the specified image on a server and including its link in your signature. Next you should also ensure that Outlook settings do not automatically embed images from internet links by default. Once you have applied the necessary settings, you signatures along with the accompanied images should appear as normal.


Attachments and data contained in Contacts and Journals can get compromised in an Outlook crash

As opposed to the general perception that an Outlook crash is most likely to only affect the emails stored in the application, its effect in practice is much more widespread. Technically every possible data element that is stored in the application from attachment contained in emails to journal entries and even details stored in contacts can be lost in a Outlook crash arising out of a compromised PST file. The only way to assuredly save your data during such a scenario involves using an outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair. It has the potential to draw out everything that you have ever stored in the Outlook program and get them back in shape and that too in pristine order. Moreover it can complete the recovery process with minimum intervention and in quick time.


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