Outlook Intermittently Crashes whenever we download a bunch of emails

In some cases, the Ms Outlook application has been noticed to crash or hang up while downloading a large number of emails.

Outlook Intermittently Crashes whenever we download a bunch of emails

The Ms Outlook application despite is sterling reputation as the best email client in the world is known to be error prone. At times some users have experienced issues while downloading a whole bunch of emails with many complaining that the download process getting stuck. In some cases the Outlook application can even crash leading to lot of inconvenience. Let’s look at the issue in depth and isolate the cause.

Consider disabling email scanning in your Antivirus application

In some cases anti virus applications tend to conflict with the Outlook download process in an attempt to scan the emails before they make their way into your system. You can consider disabling the email scanning feature in your antivirus tool and then attempt to download the emails again.

Check your Internet Speed

The internet connection used by you may cause issues with receiving of emails in Outlook if the speed is slow. Try closing all other applications that may be consuming the internet bandwidth and then attempt to download again. If you are downloading from a web based platform, and can access it via your web browser, try to reduce the number of emails you wish to download. If a small number of emails are getting though easily, it’s possibly your internet speed which is causing the hassle.

The PST file of your Outlook application may have become corrupted

The Ms Outlook application, especially the older iterations are known to behave erratically when the volume of emails stored in the Inbox gets excessive. In some cases sending and receiving emails can become a pain and each time when you attempt to download emails, the Outlook application can crash. In such situation you should immediately consider the possibility of a corrupt PST file and attempt to recover it. Once you have recovered the content of the PST file using a specialized recovery tool, you should break it into parts. The new Inbox file that you create should not be large. A light Inbox is ideal for the performance of the Outlook application and issues with downloading emails too are unlikely to crop up.

A PST Error message must never be ignored

Anyone who has been using the Ms Outlook application for few years would gladly admit that experiencing error messages in Outlook is very common. Most of these error messages are not risky for your data with the exception of PST related error messages. In fact if you ever receive a PST related error message you should immediately consider saving your emails in a separate PST file. If it does not work out as expected, immediately take recourse to a powerful pst recovery tool like the much admired DataNumen Outlook Repair application. Designed to deal with even the largest PST files, the application can quickly get back all your data in a jiffy. From those embedded files to your valuable contact list, nothing would go missing once you have recovered the data using this versatile application.

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