Outlook Fails to Connect with Server – Error 0x800CCC0D

Outlook error messages outlook-express-problems1come by dime a dozen and you never know which Outlook error message will crop up on you at any point of time. At times some of these error messages are displayed without any apparent reason and can simply vanish when you restart the system. Other happen to persist and can make your life difficult. In this article we would look at tackling error messages that says that Outlook failed to connect with the server and prompts the error code 0x800CCC0D by following a series of steps.


Check whether you can browse the internet and access websites

At the very outset you need to check whether you can access websites with your web browser. If you cannot browse the internet, the issue is with your Internet connection and not with Outlook. Follow standard network troubleshooting steps to alleviate the issue. However if you can access websites and yet Outlook throws the error message; read on.


Restart the PC and check Mail Server Details

Considered one of the most standard troubleshooting steps while resolving Outlook errors, a PC reboot can often rectify the issue. Try restarting the system and check if the mail server account details are correctly placed.

Disable the Antivirus Application

In some cases, the antivirus application may interfere with Outlook accessing a certain mail server. In case you have tried the steps mentioned above and are still experiencing the issue, then you should disable the antivirus application and try connecting again. The issue is frequently noticed with the Norton Antivirus application.


Delete the Outlook Profile and Create a New One

If all the other steps listed above have failed, you then need to consider deleting the existing Outlook profile and create a new one for the affected mail server account.


Worst Case Scenario – A TCP/IP Protocol reinstall may be needed

Unfortunately in some cases even deleting the profile may not help and you may need to reinstall the TCP/IP protocol stack to rectify the issue. This can be achieved by accessing the adapter settings in the control panel.


Protecting your Data from the vagaries of Ms Outlook

The Ms Outlook email client has a rock solid reputation when it comes to its feature set. However if we consider its apparent lack of robustness and its propensity to crash without even giving a warning, its overall shine comes down a notch or two. Still it remains undoubtedly the best in its class and hence most business users consider contingency plans to deal with its vagaries. Ideally the best way to protect your data involves investing in a proficient pst repair application like the trustworthy DataNumen Outlook Repair. It has both the dexterity to deal with PST files of all sizes and the prowess to dig out the maximum possible data from the thoroughly botched up data files. The application can also be used identify where the underlying PST files are present if they are not showing up in their usual place.


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