Why Your Outlook Emails Cannot Be Removed from the Server?

Some Outlook users complain that emails, which have been downloaded via POP3, still exist on mail server. Although they have disabled “leave a copy on the server”, the emails yet cannot be removed from server. This article will tell why in detail.

Generally speaking, it is always suggested to leave a copy of emails on the server, in that it will permit you to recover the mistakenly deleted items from the server as long as within the specific days. But for some reasons, some people may think it unnecessary to leave such a copy on the server, so they turn off this feature.Leave a Copy of Messages on the Server

However, sometimes, even though you have disable “Leave a copy of messages on the server” in Outlook account settings, the messages still cannot be deleted from the server. In such a case, the culprits may be the following three ones.

1. Virus Scanner Integration with Outlook

You may have installed an antivirus program on your computer. Its virus scanner feature will integrate with Outlook. All the incoming and outgoing Outlook mails have to be scanned by the virus scanner. In this situation, the scanner will nearly serve as a mail proxy, such that Outlook won’t be able to get direct contact with the mail server. It means that the duty of removing emails from the server will rely on the virus scanner, which indeed has no support for this feature. In result, the emails still exist on the server.

Solutions: You can disable the virus scanner integration. Go to “File” > “Options” > “Add-ins” > “Go” button. In the popup “COM Add-Ins” dialog box, you can disable the corresponding virus scanner’s add-ins.Disable virus scanner integrations

2. Separate Mail Server Settings

For insurance, some mail server may be configured to leave a copy on the server automatically. Thus, although you turn off the feature in Outlook, the mail server may still adhere to its own setting. One popular mail service which has the option is Gmail. So here we will use Gmail as an example.

Solutions: You can change the mail server settings by the following steps.

  1. To start with, log into your Gmail account in an Internet Browser.
  2. Then click on the gear icon in the top right corner and choose “Settings” from the drop down list.Mail Settings in Gmail Account
  3. Next in “Settings” screen, switch to “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab.
  4. After that, you can change “When messages are accessed with POP” from the original option “Keep Gmail’s copy in the Inbox” to “delete Gmail’s copy”.Delete Gmail's copy

3. Deliver the Emails of Multiple POP3 Accounts to a Single PST File

The last but not least potential criminal is that you are delivering the emails of multiple POP3 accounts to a single mailbox or PST file. In this scenario, these mail profiles may get corrupted. To be honest, the likelihood that emails cannot be removed from server due to this cause is tiny. But it cannot be excluded.

Solutions: You can try to solve this problem by creating a new mail profile. Also, you have to change the delivery locations to the POP3 accounts’ own mailbox.

Common Tricks to Deal with Outlook Errors

It’s an unquestioned fact that Outlook errors can happen from time to time. So as to keep Outlook performing well, you should get to know how to deal with. The common tricks must include staring Outlook in safe mode, repairing office suite and recreating a mail profile, etc. If the errors are involved with PST data damage, you can use the inbox repair tool, Scanpst.exe.

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