Configure Outlook to Play a Custom Sound When You Receive a Message from a Specific Contact

In this article we look at configuring a custom sound when we receive a message from a specific contact, say your boss.

custom sound for special contacts

One of the most commonly arising queries from MS Outlook users around the world is that can they get a custom sound when they receive a mail from a specific contact? Well, MS Outlook does gives a provision to enjoy such a feature that is both time saving as well as entertaining at the same time when you get a customized sound mail alert on receiving a mail from a particular contact. You might be aware of how to assign notification sounds whenever you receive an email message, but getting a particular sound when you receive a mail from a particular contact is something different. This is beneficial specially when your inbox gets cluttered by all kinds of emails and you find it difficult to search for the important email from an important contact. So, when you get a custom sound for a particular contact, you know that the mail is important and you will never miss it out. Read on to learn the exact way to configure Outlook to play a custom sound when you receive an email message from a particular contact.

In order to receive custom sound alerts for email messages from specific contacts, you first need to create a Rule by opening the Rules and Alerts Tab. Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016 users can do this by simply going to the File Tab and then choosing the Manage Rules & Alerts. On the other hand, if you use Outlook 2007 and other older versions, you can straight away go to Tools Tab and select the Rules and Alerts Option. Once, this is done, select the New Rule Option or the Apply Rule on Messages Option. After this, you are free to choose your desired conditions in the next screen like you want a customized sound from emails from a public group or people, then you can click on the option of People or Public Group that is displayed at the bottom side of the screen and once this is chosen, you can select the email address or addresses from your main Address Book followed by clicking on Next to go to the next screen. Your next step would be to Select the Action including Play A Sound.

You must note that you will need to click “A Sound” at the bottom side of the screen to select a sound file directly from your computer; however, you can only choose a wav-file in Outlook. Make sure to click on Next to go to the next screen in order to set up any exceptions for the customized email alert sound; this is not all; you will also be required to name the rule you created for your incoming email messages from particular contacts. Lastly, click on Finish Option followed by selecting the OK button to save the changes and implement the rule of getting a custom sound on receiving emails from specific contacts in MS Outlook. 

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