Outlook can serve as a stepping stone to a full fledged CRM System in a small business setup

Most smallSetting-up-a-small-business businesses that manage to hang around for some years eventually experience a growth in their clientele. Once your small business has reached a respectable size, you need to consider using a CRM tool to maintain effective client relations and expand your business. However investing in a CRM tool may not be easy for every small business owner even if he or she is ready to bear the cost. It also involves a steep learning curve moving data into a CRM system for proper management. In such a scenario, a lot of small business owners started experimenting with the Business Contact Manager tool in Outlook to make themselves familiar with a CRM environment.


BCM Offers a free platform that is easier than typical CRMs

In a small business setup, employees are not familiar with terminology used in a CRM system and how such advanced software works. With BCM feature in Outlook, they can start of with a familiar interface and then learn the basics. Creating leads in it is extremely easy and qualifying them too does not take much effort. A lot of support material is available on the Microsoft website to help you run through the basics. Moreover the feature is available for free and you can stop using without any loss in case you do not like the tool.


Would come handy if you ever decide to upgrade a top of the line CRM solution

The Business Contact Manager in Outlook is a mini-CRM in its own right. If you are able to align your marketing process with the BCM feature, your data would be easily malleable for outreach activities and gaining insights. Moreover if you ever decide to upgrade to a top of the line CRM tool, the data present in BCM can be easily migrated as the structures are likely to be similar. Even contacts stored in it can be seamlessly exported and its fields mapped.


The invaluable data stored in the BCM tool is not immune from risk arising out of a PST corruption

If you regularly use the BCM feature, it would over a period of time become an integral part of your sales process and its data can essentially contain your entire marketing playbook. Now imagine an unexpected PST crash that messes up your Outlook files including the data stored in the BCM feature. The thought of losing the precious data can send a chill down your spine and you should always keep a pst recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair to avoid such a situation. Powered by an algorithm that rarely falters this versatile tool can bring out the data stored in BCM with complete integrity. It also is quite capable of digging out other Outlook elements like contacts, shared calendar entries and even detailed journal without any extra effort on your part.


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