Outlook can be used for Sending out SMS Based Marketing Campaigns

The Ms Outlook droppedImageclient is often the norm in most offices and it is quite likely that details of most of your business contacts would be stored in there. For marketers, Outlook serves as a great platform for sending out outreach emails. The same is also true when we consider sending out text messages or SMS as they are commonly known. Now if you are wondering how SMS can be sent via Outlook, the answer lies in using either one of the two approaches listed below.


Using a Windows Phone to Send out SMS messages

The most logical and possibly cost effective way to send out SMS messages involves connecting Outlook with a Windows mobile phone to send out the message. It is important to note that the OS on the Windows phone is either version 6.5 or above. The synching process works rather well if you are working under an Ms Exchange environment. Using the Exchange ActiveSync option in your Windows phone you can connect it to your Exchange server and send out emails. Ideally you should contact the technical support team in your office to sync up a Windows phone with your Outlook account.


A Third Party Service May be simpler in Many cases

There are a whole bunch of third party service providers available today who offer to send emails messages from your Outlook email client. In fact you can run the services from your personal Outlook application with ease. Some service provides can even offer additional filtering software or message builder plug-ins to ease the process. The only catch with using a service provider is the monthly billing cost that you would have to bear. To configure a third party service, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Launch the Outlook application and head to the Home tab
  2. Next under New Items which appears under the New Group option, you need to move to Text Message option
  3. Now you will be prompted by a popup screen to Configure the SMS account and enter the relevant details in the Outlook Mobile Service account


Business Contact Lists and Opportunity Details stored in BCM can be compromised in an Outlook crash

One of the most shocking aspects of a PST related Outlook crash is its possible capacity to havoc a total loss. In some cases all data that you have stored in Outlook including those valuable business leads and opportunity information stored in the BCM feature can be lost owing to a PST crash. Now if you do not wish to risk such a scenario, you need to remain prepared and keep an outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair handy. In case of an emergency the tool can swing into action and get back all data stored in the BCM tool in few minutes. If that was not all, it can even dig out your calendar entries or the notes that you have made in Outlook without any user intervention. Last but not the least; even your personalized settings can be brought back in most cases.


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