Outlook 2013 Helps Professionals Streamline their work

For a section outlook-2013-reparieren1of Ms Outlook users who have been using various iterations of the application for over a decade, the Outlook 2013 edition came across as a pleasant change. While it retains the familiarity of Outlook, it takes a fresh new look at doing things in the most easy and intuitive manner. There is a noticeable focus in making the application user friendly and more inline with current technological changes. In this article we would specifically look at features and options which are designed to help professionals streamline their work with minimum effort.


Customize your view and how emails appear

When you launch the Ms Outlook email client, it sports a default view. However you can quickly change to a view of your liking by choosing any of the available predefined views. Next you can choose to view your emails in different colors. For example if you want, emails sent by your boss can appear in red while those which promote a product in the subject line can be assigned the violet color. This is typically achieved with the help of rules.


Reaching out to people have never been so easy

In Outlook 2013, the People feature allows you to connect with your contacts over Social Media accounts and even read posts directly out of your Outlook screen. Apart from that you can quickly call anyone through Skype right out of the contact screen.


Speed Up your Searches

For a busy professional, searching for a specific email can become an arduous task. Outlook 2013 allows you to change the predefined location of default searches and thus saves a considerable amount of time. For example if you often need to go through client emails related to a specific project, you can set the said Project folder as default place to start a search.


Host of little additions make Outlook 2013 a hot favorite

Outlook 2013 integrates a weather bar to let you know about the climate. It also allows you schedule the time after which a message is marked as read. It can also prompt you if you have missed an attachment after mentioning it in the message body. The iteration is filled with such small additions which makes it a pleasure to use.


Even the best things in the computing world are far from perfect

For an average email user, the Ms Outlook 2013 is a dream come true. It has nearly everything that you can possibly want from an email client and much more. Yet it is far from perfect and it remains acutely susceptible to the perennial bug bear of Outlook; PST errors. Now if you are using the 2013 iteration for business it would be ideal if you keep an outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair around. This versatile application can come to your rescue in case your application topples over due to a nasty PST crash. The tool comes with formidable options like breaking up a large PST file and dealing with multiple corrupted files at one go. Last but not the least its overall ease of use and stellar performance in data recovery makes it the best tool in its class.


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