Opting for the SQL Server Developer Edition – When and Why

Software 41HKzxwqN1L._SL500_AA300_publishers and individual developers looking to create software on the .Net environment prefer to have access to the SQL Server application during the development stage. Even companies looking to develop in-house application also may find the need to use a SQL Server version for testing. In all such cases one should opt for the SQL Server Developer edition instead of the express edition due to myriad reasons which we have listed below.


The Developer Edition is full fledged and feature rich

While there are restrictions of licenses on the Developer edition, the application in itself is fully featured. Though you cannot use it on a production server, it has all the functions needed to serve as an actual test bed.


Does not pinch your pocket

The Developer edition is rather affordable and does not cost you a fortune. You can try it out in detail, fine tune your application as per your needs. In fact for companies, a price of less than sixty dollars is insignificant when compared to the features available over the free express edition.


You can directly upgrade to an enterprise license

When you have created all the necessary structures and based your application on the developer edition of SQL Server, you can simply upgrade to an enterprise license. Everything else remains in place and you then make it production server within minutes.


Key Facts to Keep in Mind while using the Developer edition

The Developer edition can be used on a machine of any configuration as long it is not a production server. Another fact that you need to keep in mind is that people accessing the server should have a developer license. In other words a distinct license is needed per user who accesses the application and even a MSDN license may suffice. If you have any doubts on licensing you should contact Microsoft support for appropriate clarification.


Even the Developer edition of SQL Server application can crash

If you are building a corporate application on a MS SQL Server developer edition, you would over a period of time enter valuable records into it. Now if your developer edition crashes over, you would need to get hold of a  sql recovery tool like the sophisticated DataNumen SQL Recovery to get back your lost records. This powerful tool is equipped to get the data out of the crashed developer edition files, even if you were hosting them on a virtual disk drive. Further the software would remain with you to take up any emergencies that you experience after you upgrade to a production server. It also comes equipped with potent batch processing capabilities. One of the best parts about this versatile application is its capacity to recover sparse columns which many of its peers simply fail to deal with. Also the tool can be called in whenever records get wiped out due to a human error.


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