How to Open an Access Database in Systems where MS Access is Not Installed

In this article, we understand how to use Access database in Runtime, without access to the complete Access installation.

Although it has been proven time and again that MS Access is the kind of application that is ideal for all kinds of businesses where there is a need for maintaining records and databases.  There are still several organizations and business owners which hesitate from owning the application. Or even if they do own it, they do not wish to install it on every other system in the company, but still want the employees to make use of it, for ensuring efficiency.How To Open An Access Database In Systems Where MS Access Is Not Installed

Thanks to MS Access Runtime 2016, it is now possible for users with no access to MS Access to make use of the application on their systems. To know how you can do this, continue reading.

MS Access Runtime 2016 for Operating without Access 2016 Installation

MS Access Runtime 2016As advanced and user-friendly this option is, it goes on to extend its benefits and excellence to not just the active users who have it installed in their system, but also to those who do not have access to it, and are running in runtime. With MS Access 2016 runtime you can distribute all of your applications from Access 2016 among those users who are not having access to the complete version of the 2016 installation of the application.

There are several files that are available for downloading MS Access 2016 Runtime, out of all these files, you will have to make a choice between what are the best files to be downloaded.

Using the MS Access 2016 Runtime

The features and options that were till now available in different Access Runtime editions can still be found, in the 2016 edition, with few changes in the user interface of course. In the 2016 edition of MS Access, the users are provided with a platform that is rich and easy to use. It not only allows for managing data but also gives you access to customization tools which can be distributed to the users of Access 2016 Runtime edition.

For those who are distributing Access 2016 solutions among users, and for those who will be using it in Runtime, there are certain points you need to keep in mind:

  1. End to end customization will not be possible for the users of runtime edition. As the Runtime edition is precisely a lower version of the complete edition and has several features disabled. It thus allows you access to data, without allowing for any customizations.
  2. For a user with access to the Runtime edition, the Navigation Pane will not be visible. They also will not be able to view any of the Access objects in Design View.
  3. While you are distributing your access to the installed application, among users who do not have the installed application, you will first have to package it before distributing it.
  4. The web-based SharePoint apps for Access 2016 can work even without runtime, with just a supporting web browser.
  5. Although the Runtime edition misses out on many key features, with certain additional customization, you can get access to a few of them.

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