Is It OK to Restore a Disk Image to a Different Computer?

In some cases, you may want to restore a disk image of one computer to another computer. But, is it right? This article will discuss about this question in depth.

As we all know, it is advisable to make a disk image before any great changes on your computer, like system reinstallation, disk formatting and so on. Disk image is actually an exact replica of your PC. Thereby, it can help you a lot in the event of system crash or data loss, like PST corruption. You can just restore the disk image on the original computer, which is pretty simple.

Is It OK to Restore a Disk Image to a Different Computer?

Please note that I mentioned “original computer” above. If you want to restore a disk image to a different computer, it’ll be much more complex and arduous. Yet, you may wish to do that sometimes. For instance, you buy a new computer, thus you wish to restore the disk image of your old computer to this new one. But, is it exactly OK? Now, you can read on. We will tell you answer in detail.

You Can Try It

First of all, I should admit that, you can try to restore the disk image of a PC to a different one. Nevertheless, to be honest, there is no guarantee that it will work. Most of time, it will fail.

It May Fail

Disk image not only contains data but also the system and various configurations of original computer. Therefore, when you restore a disk image to a PC, the system will be installed on it. However, since the PC is a different one, it may not have the drivers which the original PC has, and its configurations may be totally different from the original. In this case, when restoring, system will not be unable to find the corresponding components and find some new settings. So, restoring disk image tends to fail.

PC Cannot Work as Normal

Of course, there is no denying that sometimes you may succeed in restoring the disk image to a different computer. But, even so, you’ll encounter various issues in later operations on the PC. For example, the computer may be pretty unstable, like frequent system crashes. Or at worst, you cannot boot up this computer at all. At that point, the situation may be blazing knotty.

It May Work in Some Cases

In few situations, there are chances that restoring will work, but it demands that some conditions have to be met. For instance, the motherboards of the two PCs should be similar, or ideally identical. But, as a matter of fact, such a scenario is very rare.

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