Office Systems in the Cloud

Fifty million enterprise workers are currently using cloud-based office systems. Instead of relying upon a word processor, a spreadsheet, a database application, and an email client that are installed on their local laptop or desktop PC, these enterprise employees are using programs that are running in the cloud. And their data is being stored offsite by their cloud provider, office system

Does this mean that there is no longer a need for users of Microsoft Office to install file recovery software to identify and repair damaged Word, Excel, Access, and Outlook files? To the contrary, increased use of cloud computing for Office files means that it’s even more important to have an application such as DataNumen Office Repair installed in your organization, to ensure you can repair Access files and other files created in Office.

According to a recent Gartner study, as reported in the July 26, 2013 issue of Processor magazine (, cloud-based office systems were first introduced in 2007. In the past six years, usage has grown to 50 million users, or roughly eight percent of the total number of office system users. Gartner predicts that the eight percent number will grow to 33 percent by 2017. So it will take quite a few years before cloud-based office software and data storage replace today’s reliance on desktop and laptop machines.

DataNumen Office Repair can quickly identify – and repair – damaged Word, Excel, Access, and Outlook files. Unlike other file repair applications, DataNumen Office Repair will work with files that were created with old, out-of-date versions of Microsoft Office. Having the software running in your organization adds a layer of protection that is critical to keeping your company or nonprofit running effectively.

When your accountant calls to say that a government tax auditor needs spreadsheet information that was created six or eight years ago, you need to provide the data immediately. If you find that one of the files has become corrupted, you don’t have the luxury of spending a day or two evaluating file repair software to fix the problem. You need to have a file repair application installed and ready to restore damaged files at a moment’s notice.

When your attorney visits your office and tells you that she needs a copy of a contract that you have signed with an important client, you need to provide it immediately. If the contract file has been damaged, you don’t have a few days to try to find a repair program online. The time to purchase a program such as DataNumen Office Repair is now.

If you move your Office applications to the cloud, you’ll need to develop a backup regimen that will ensure that backups of your data files are stored safely in your office. And since you don’t know the exact software that your cloud provider is using to create these backup files, you need to have a rock-solid file recovery program in place if you should need it.

Whether your business plan takes you to the cloud or keeps you grounded on your desktop and laptop PCs, you’ll need to add file repair software to your toolkit. Choose a proven solution from DataNumen today, and be ready for file repair problems tomorrow.

Alan Chen is President and Chairman of DataNumen, Inc., whose data recovery technologies include file software products for Microsoft Office, WinZip, WinRAR, SQL, and dozens of other popular database and productivity software applications. For more information visit

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