Why Not Share a Contact Group by Sending It via Email?

As opposed to using “Share Contacts” button in Contacts ribbon, sharing a contact group by attaching it to an email is much easier. Now I will tell you how to send and save a contact group in emails.

When it comes to share contact or contact group, Outlook’s inner “Share” button will cross our mind at first. Just like “Share calendar”, Outlook also offers “Share Contacts” for us. Superficially it seems very simple. However, if you’ve used it, you would find that there are a deluge of options to be specified after you click this simple button.

Therefore, by contrast, it is more advisable to share a contact group via attaching it to an email. It is known that Outlook permits us to append all types of items to a message, including emails, contacts, appointments and calendars, etc. Of course, we can send a contact group as well.

Send a Contact Group to Others

  1. To begin with, you should open a new message by click “New Email” button in “Home” ribbon of Mail page.
  2. Then in the New Message window, locate and click “Attach Files” in “Include” ribbon. And select “Outlook Item” option.Attach Outlook Items
  3. A new dialog of “Insert Items” will show up, in which you should find and pitch on “Contacts” folder in “Look In” box.
  4. In the “Item” box, you would be required to locate and select the target contact groups. Pressing “Ctrl” and meanwhile click items will assist you to choose more one contact group.Insert Contact Group
  5. Finally click “OK” button in this dialog. It will return to Message window. You can fill in all contents and send it out directly.

Save a Received Contact Group to Native Outlook Contacts

Someone may be confused about how to save the received contact group to native Outlook Contacts. Here is the fastest method.

Save a Received Contact Group

Pitch on the contact group attachment in reading pane, and drag it to “Contact” pane. Outlook will turn to “Contacts” page automatically. Then drop it to your desired folder.

Please Don’t Overlook Any Outlook Errors

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