Why Not Let Excel Speak Cell Contents for You?

Excel is able to store a huge number of data and information, and also it allows you to edit and also analyze your information. With its convenient function, Excel is widely used in many companies. And in this article, we will launch the features of Speak Cell Contents in Excel.

In your work, you may sometimes need to deal with large amount of data and information. One file is stored in Excel, and another is in your paper. It is obviously very exhausting to read a number on paper, and then see if the number in the Excel file is the same. So here the feature of Speak Cell Contents will offer you great help. For example, here is a file of student scores, and you need to check if there is any error on those numbers. Using this function can really help you a lot.Check Student Scores

Adding Speaking Cells

  1. Click the arrow on the quick access toolbar.
  2. In the drop-down menu, click the option of “More Commands”.Open Quick Access Toolbar
  3. In the window of “Excel Options”, click the arrow at the “Choose commands from”.
  4. Select the option of “Command Not in the Ribbon”.Select Commands not in the Ribbon
  5. Drop down the menu until you see the options of “Speak”.
  6. Add all those options to the toolbar.The Speak Options
  7. And then click “OK”.
  8. In the interface of the worksheet, you can see the options.All the Speak Options

Using the Speaking Cells

Here are the steps of using speaking cells.

  1. Selected the area where you want to read. And here we selected all the scores of students.
  2. In the quick access toolbar, choose the direction of “Speak Cells by Columns” or “Speak Cells by Rows”. You can choose one of the two functions according to your need.Speak Cells by Columns
  3. Click the button of “Speak Cells”. And then the computer will automatically read the target area for you. Therefore, you can check the numbers on the paper to see if there is any mistake.Speak Cells
  4. Once you find a mistake, you can click the “Stop Clicking cells” on the toolbar. And then you can modify the error.Stop Speaking Cells

How to Solve Problems Caused by Excel Files Corruption

Excel files can sometimes give no response to your command. When such accident happens, you may consider that the file may get corrupt. Hence you can use a third party tool to repair Excel. Due to the advanced features, it can solve almost all the problems relating to Excel files.

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