Negotiating Out of Space Errors that Creep up in MS SQL Server

Encountering out-of-space-android-phone-errorerror messages while working with the MS SQL Server application is a par for the course for most database professionals. However receiving an out of space error message may be a rare occurrence and it can leave you bewildered if you thought you had enough physical space on the system. In this article we would look at the causes behind such an error being returned and look at rectifying the situation.


Possible Causes behind an Out of Space error message

If you have received an out of space error message, it would make sense to check if you are running out of physical space. While this may sound rather pointless for those who have kept multiple gigabytes of space available, there are chances that a file has grown up drastically in size.

Now an out of space error can also stem from the fact that a specific file limit has been placed on the database or for that matter by the transaction log file. In case you are using the free starter edition of SQL Server, you should verify whether the database size has reached the prescribed limits. Last but not the least a filled up temporary database file can also cause the issue.


What you need to do to fix the issue

The action you take is directly related to cause of the error that you are able to diagnose. In case of a shortage of physical space, you would have to allocate more disk space and this may involve hardware costs. In contrast if the issue is coming out of a restriction in file size, the same can be easily modified. In case you are using the Starter edition, it is possibly time that you consider upgrading your SQL Server version to the next level. Similarly if you suspect the tempdb to have become bloated, simply close the MSSQL service and launch it again which will create a new file.


Corruption of MS SQL Server Databases is a real possibility when you are working in a multi domain environment.

When you are allowing users from different work domains to access a SQL Server database, chances of database corruption can increase. Myriad issues of deadlocking to authentication errors are possible in such a scenario and cascading effects of logical errors can compromise the database. Hence for organizations which reference cross department databases, it is important to keep a powerful sql recovery tool like the avant-garde DataNumen SQL Recovery around. In case of a crash the tool can assuredly bring back all the lost records and any other data element that you may have stored in it. It also is capable of working with databases created by most popular SQL Server iterations in vogue today. If that was not all, even in cases of accidental deletion of data records by a power user, the tool can come handy in getting back the lost data.


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