Negotiating errors messages which mention Links will not open

In this article we look at resolving error messages which crop up when we attempt to open a link in Ms Outlook

Negotiating errors messages which mention Links will not open

Whether you agree or not, the most frustrating instance while working on a computer or system is when you receive a message stating that the “Link Can Not Be Opened”. No matter how many different ways you try to open the links but still you face difficulty in opening it in the middle of something really very important professionally. Even MS Outlook users face the same problem very often while opening a link from an email message. So, what exactly is the way out to solve this problem? Well, no need to panic any more, simply learn to negotiate error messages which mention links will not open reading this article.

The message that many Outlook users receive on their screen while trying to open a hyperlink contained in an important email message is that “This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.” Users get confused thinking that how can they be restricted to open the link when they are themselves the system administrator? Those who use Outlook 2013, the error message displayed is a bit different stating that, “Your organization’s policies are preventing us from completing this action for you. For more info, please contact your help desk.”

Well, in short, the main reason for you to receive such error messages related to hyperlinks in Outlook is that your system is not equipped with a proper or default internet browser. Or in other words, you have not set any default internet browser properly in Windows operating system. Usually, these errors occur, when users have recently uninstalled browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Now, let us acquaint you with the best possible way of dealing with this problem of hyperlinks. For this the best way out is to reassign a default internet browser. In case, you are working on Windows 8 OS, then go to the Start Button and simply type Default Programs or press the Windows Logo + C and then go to the Settings Option followed by picking the Control Panel and then going to the Programs. After this pick the Default Programs. Windows Vista or 7 OS users, can go to the Start Button and then choose the Default Programs. On the other hand, Windows XP users can simply go to the Control Panel and select the Set Program Access & Defaults.

Another tip worth keeping in mind is that systems equipped with multiple browsers are often easy to set default browsers. Moreover, on such systems, it is easy to apply changes when required. In case, your system has just one internet browser on Windows OS, you can easily deselect the default browsers and reassign the default browser that is friendlier with MS Outlook. However, make sure to save the changes done while setting default browsers. These quick tips will no doubt help you open the hyperlinks in email messages in Outlook without any difficulty, so try them and see the difference yourself.

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