When Is It Necessary to Format a Hard Drive?

In some cases, formatting a hard drive can resolve many problems. But, it will also erase all of the hard drive data. Now, in this article, we’ll look at this issue and tell you when it is necessary to format your hard drive.

Due to the fact that formatting a hard drive can fix many issues on the computer, many users may tend to perform it as soon as they encounter any serious issues on their PC. But, in reality, by this means, their data will vanish into thin air. Thus, most users will always feel uncertain about whether they format their hard drive or not. To be honest, formatting is not always necessary.

When Is It Necessary to Format a Hard Drive?

Simply explained, formatting will put the hard drive back to its original status. It will delete all the existing data on your computer, all programs will be removed and file system will be re-built. Hence, it is highly suggested to always deliberate the necessity of disk formatting. And if you decide to format it, you have to back up the drive data, as the backups will make later data recovery much easier. For instance, if you have backed up your PST file, even after formatting, you still can recover PST data from backups like a cork. Now, thereinafter, we’ll expose 6 cases when it is necessary to format your hard drive.

1. Computer Fails to Boot

If your computer fail to boot or is always stuck in a black screen, you can format the computer hard drive. Of course, you could always firstly try the other means to fix this issue. However, if all of repair disc attempts cannot make any effects, formatting the computer drive may the unique way to get your computer back to function as normal.

2. Computer Runs Unusually Slowly

Provided that your computer runs singularly slowly, you can try to speed up your computer via a simple disk formatting. You haven’t seen obvious errors but you just confirm that your computer is sluggish. In this case, it is likely that your PC is suffering some logical issues instead of hardware problems. Thus, you can format your PC hard drive, which is the only approach to keep your PC fast and smooth.

3. Upgrade Operating System

As we all know, out-of-date operating systems will always contain many potential risks and be prone to be attacked. Therefore, it is always recommended to keep your PC’s operating system updated. However, upgrading the operating system will automatically format the computer hard drive. Thus, you should back up the drive data before upgrading.

4. Hard Drive Becomes Full

After several years of operation on your PC, the internal hard drive will tend to be cluttered and stuffed. Under this circumstance, you will find that no enough free space on the hard drive is available for any more files. That is to say, your drive is full. In this case, you can simply delete all the unwanted and useless data to free up more space. However, in this way, you cannot clean up the hidden temporary files, which will still take up a lot of space. Thereby, you could format the drive, which can clean out the drive thoroughly.

5. Registry Errors

When you receive many registry errors on your computer, you had better format the computer drive as soon as possible to fix these errors. Windows registry is a very important component of a computer in that it contains many configurations and settings of your PC operating system, applications and so on. Thus, once the registry crash, your data will tend to corrupt as well. Thus, when suffering such errors, you should back up your data and then format the drive at once.

6. Virus/Malware Attacks

What’s more, if your computer gets infected with viruses, it is also necessary for you to format the hard drive. In this scenario, not only will your computer tend to rash, but also your hard drive will get compromised. You can first try to kill the viruses via antivirus software, but the most secure method is to format the drive to prevent further damage.

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