Is It Necessary to Encrypt Your Backup Data?

When it comes to securing data, encryption will occur to our mind in the first place. Now, other than the original data, some are considering whether it is necessary to encrypt the backup date. This article will discuss about this in detail.

Encryption is a process to protect your data via a secret password, pass phrase or other types of encryption keys. In this way, you could prevent the encrypted data from being accessible by those who don’t know the correct encryption key. Hence, such technology is widely for securing the sensitive data.

Is It Necessary to Encrypt Your Backup Data?

With users paying more and more attention to data security, the majority of them begin considering to even encrypt their backup data apart from the original data. Yet, some users are still suspicious of its necessity, confused whether they should encrypt their backups. Thus, here we will expose the pros and cons of encrypting data backups.


  1. First of all, encrypting the backup data in a local hard drive can prevent your backups from being accessible to untrusty party. For instance, if your backup hard drive is stolen, the thief will not be able to access your backups with no the password.
  2. In addition, perhaps you’re backing up your data to the cloud storage. As we all know, many suggest that cloud storage is not as secure as what we think. Hence, encrypting the backup data on cloud is also a good solution to strengthen the security of backups.
  3. Moreover, your data backups on the cloud are actually controlled by the cloud service provider. In order to prevent the providers from accessing or exposing your data, you can utilize different encryption service from cloud service.
  4. Last but not least, via encrypting your backup data, you will be more confident in that the backups are secure. It’s able to prevent you from annoying about the safety of your backups.


Inevitably, as a saying goes, one coin has two sides. Thereby, although encrypting backup data can bring benefits to you, it still contains some risks.

  1. Without any doubts, one of the most common risks of encryption is that one day you forget the passwords. None can boast that they’re able to remember the password permanently. Thus, if you don’t apply any strategies to help you remember passwords, encrypting your backup data is actually betting it.
  2. Plus, if your data backups get damaged for some reasons, such as corrupt PST file, you will proceed to attempt data recovery. In this situation, you will suffer a big challenge in data recovery. It’s encryption since it’ll make data recovery much more difficult. You have no choice but to ask professionals for help.

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