Multiple Copies of an Email are being sent out by Outlook – Quick Solution

Out of several strange therrors that one can experience in Outlook, the case of an email message sent multiple times to a recipient takes the cake. I have personally experienced the issue one fine day when a contact of mine called me up and asked why I was flooding his Inbox with repeated emails. When I checked the issue, I was surprised to find that Outlook has sent an email nearly a dozen times and still had a few of left to be sent in the Outlook. After due research, I was able to rectify the issue and the solution is shared below for your reference.


Check your Antivirus Application and Disable Email Scanning to Isolate the Issue

One of the primary causes behind emails being sent out multiple times relates to a possible error which crops up when your antivirus utility scans emails, even the outgoing ones. To isolate the issue you should first disable email scanning, clear the Outlook of any emails and send a fresh email again. In most cases the issue will cease to exist.


Check your Send/Receive Settings

In some cases the issue may not relate to an antivirus software but will be caused by send/receive settings where a short interval period may be the culprit. To check for this possibility follow the steps mentioned below

  1. Launch the Outlook application and head to Tools
  2. From Tools scroll down to Options and click on it
  3. In the subsequent window, move to the Mail Setup tab
  4. Click on the Send/Receive button and in the next screen check under Settings for Group, all accounts.
  5. Now check the time in minutes associated with the second option which mentions “Schedule an automatic send/receive every …. minutes”
  6. Make it a point not to lower the figure to anything less than 10 minutes
  7. Click on Ok and save the settings

In absolutely rare cases, the issue can relate to intermittent issues at your mail server end which would eventually get fixed in short span of time.


Outlook Errors can be an Ominous Sign of an Impending Outlook Crash

Ask any experienced Outlook user and you are likely to come across horror stories of Outlook crashes jeopardizing their entire email repository. Well in many cases such crashes are preceded by error messages that most users may seem to ignore. Now ignoring error messages in Outlook can cost you your email data and thus at any point if you experience an Outlook error you should start backing up your email list. Better still you should install an outlook recovery tool like the powerful DataNumen Outlook Repair application which can recover the lost data with minutes. Considered to be the finest email recovery software available in the market for the Ms Outlook client, this versatile software can tackle large PST files and different media types including Iomega disks with ease.


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