Ms Outlook is a hot favorite with Busy Professionals than Thunderbird

A cursory glance  busy-professionalon the laptops and PCs of top executives and busy professionals is likely to reveal that Ms Outlook finds a prominent place. Rarely would you come across a busy business professional who happens to run the Thunderbird application from Mozilla despite the fact that it is free and is recognized for its robustness. In this article we would look at why Outlook is fondly preferred by executives for whom time is a constraint.


The User Interface of Outlook is Familiar and Outright easy to use

Even the bitter critics of Outlook would admit that the email client is a pleasure to use. Moreover most people are familiar with Outlook since years and do not really relish the idea of learning a new software. Since Outlook is close to its cousin the Outlook express in its design semblance, most Windows users can operate Outlook with utmost ease. Thunderbird on the other hand is slightly more difficult and for a novice user, tad more difficult to get hang of.


Ms Outlook Works well with a host of Other Applications

Whether you are talking about connecting Outlook with Skype or synching contacts between it and Smartphones, this remarkable email client is way ahead of its peers. With the 2013 edition it can directly connect with FaceBook and LinkedIn too which comes rather handy for people who active on social networks.  Moreover it is easy to include other Office data elements within Outlook as compared to Thunderbird.


A Vast Array of Plug-ins are available for Ms Outlook

Plug-ins can go a long way in extending the functionality of any application. For Outlook the number of third party applications available is huge while in contrast the Thunderbird application has a short selection of well developed plug-ins. In case of Outlook you can find a plug-in for attendance to one for tracking email responses and everything in between you can think of.


Outlook for all its Goodness Still Retains a Serious Flaw

The Ms Outlook client is often touted as an application that meets nearly every possible wish list of its target audience. From sending out mass emails to interacting with social media accounts, everything is possible with Outlook with ease. However this great product has a very serious flaw and it relates to its apparent propensity to buckle under a PST error. When its underlying PST data files get corrupted, all your email data may come at a risk. Given the scenario it is absolutely crucial that you have a pst repair tool like the venerable DataNumen Outlook Repair nearby. It would help you tide over a crisis scenario and get back your data in quick time irrespective of the media where your files are present. Capable of extracting all Outlook data elements while maintaining the integrity of them, this remarkable application is must have for small businesses and busy professionals who rely on Outlook for managing their business emails.


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