MS Outlook Data Recovery Tool

DataNumen makes use of top technologies, all-emails-in_circleand provides numerous solutions for the problems pertaining to MS Outlook data loss. In addition, DataNumen also provides pst repair solutions for users. MS Outlook data loss can occur for a number of reasons. The PST files have a great impact on storage and backup and there is a great deal of risk involved. These files can easily get corrupted and the user may not be able to access them anymore.


  • Performance

In order to recover the lost files, one can take several steps. Advanced Outlook recovery capability of DataNumen has the best recovery stats and tops the Microsoft Outlook Recovery tools. This software has a friendly user interface, making it easy for everyone to use, including amateurs. This software supports many of the major Microsoft Outlook versions and works for all of them. It also supports many versions of the Windows Operating Systems. This software recovers all sorts of files and documents. It has the tendency to recover emails in any format, and also posts, contacts, folders, distribution lists, appointments and more. This recovery tool also recovers and restores embedded objects and varied attachments.


  • Other features

Outlook repair also contains several other features that make it a valuable asset in PST recovery. The most common cause of the corruption of the PST file is due to its large size. However, this software efficiently and effectively carries out the PST repair, amounting to size as large as 2GB. DataNumen makes it possible for all of the details of a file to be recovered, including the subject, body, and also minute details like senders, recipients, blind carbon copy, dates of sending, and more. There are varied options for the format in which data can be retrieved. For instance, emails are recovered in HTML, or the traditional text formats. However, the attachments, including the worksheets or word documents, can be restored together with the original content of the message. The users have the option of using a trial run to get to understand better how to use the application before they can purchase a full version.


  • Customer support

The customer support for DataNumen is available for the users through different avenues. Their website has a support centre with many options. There is an extensive section of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ on the website, and it deals with all of the basic queries of the customers. Customers are required to register themselves for a free account, allowing them to use the feature of automated troubleshooting. This automated troubleshooting helps them every step of the way, guiding them to tips towards solving their problems. There is also a wide knowledge base that is available for keener customers who want to get to the last detail to get their problems solved.

DataNumen is thus a highly effective MS Outlook recovery and repair program with a proven customer support system that makes it easier for all users to carry out repair functions.


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