The MS Outlook 2016 Sports a Brand New Theme

In this article we look at new theme options present in Ms Outlook 2016.

Ms Office Theme

Whether you agree or not, backgrounds or themes makes the user engaged in an app or a vast platform like Microsoft Outlook. Sadly, the default theme available in MS Office 2013 was not accepted positively by the users around the world for its boring and lacking color scheme or say for no color at all. Keeping this fact in mind, this time, the makers have tried their best to present a livelier new theme in their latest MS Office 2016 version. Learn about the brand new MS Office 2016 Theme in this article and check out how is it different and appealing than the other previous themes.

Let us first of all acquaint you with the name of the newly introduced theme of 2016 MS Outlook. Well, this brand new theme is referred to as “Colorful”, which in itself reveals a lot about this theme and its color scheme. On top of it, this time in the latest 2016 Outlook version, you will notice a visually better representing Ribbon that accents colors for all the different applications within Outlook in accordance to their icon color. Sounds interesting isn’t? This and more awaits you in the new Outlook 2016 version.

Users who still believe in simplicity will be glad to know on the other hand that the old White Theme is still available along with the Dark Grey Theme in this latest Office 365 version; however, the Dark Grey is darker this time in order to match the Dark and Black Themes of Outlook. This is because these darker themes are needed in popular design software like AutoCAD and Photoshop.

From, green to blue and red, all the different bright colors have finally made an entry in the popular MS Outlook 2016. In order to choose these vibrant colorful themes, you first need to go to the File Tab and then pick the Account Option. After this, go to the drop down menu just displayed next to the Office Theme. Alternatively, you can even go to the File Tab and then pick the Options and select the General Option followed by going to the Office Theme. Once you have done this much, you will get different options like Colorful, Dark Gray, Black and White displayed in the box next to Office Themes. If you wish to choose the Colorful Theme, then simply choose that option and make sure to save the changes after this. Doing this, you will get to enjoy a colorful theme while working on different Outlook items.

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