MS Outlook 2016 Is Great to Work on a Tablet – Here’s Why

If you love using a tablet then you would love running Ms Outlook on it

MS Outlook 2016 is in news for its amazing new features and what makes it all the more popular is that it has been designed to work on tablets as well. Yes, keeping the emerging popularity of the tablets among the high tech users, the creators at Microsoft have this time tried their best to offer the best features that will give an amazing experience to the tablet users while working on Ms Office. Now, the users can enjoy working on different Office features like Word, PowerPoint and Excel anywhere with utmost convenience on their tablet device. Reading this article, you will get to learn about the tablet friendly features of Outlook 2016.

MS Outlook 2016 works on a Tablet

One of the best features incorporated in MS Outlook 2016 is the Tablet Rotation Support Feature that makes it more adaptive for the tablet users around the world. Through this new interface, the user can actually switch the Outlook screen in a portrait mode to adjust the width of the device for a better reading experience. Once, this feature is enabled, Office will automatically minimize the Folder Pane listing all the favorite folders on the left hand side of the screen; thereby making more space available to the user for an improved reading while working on MS Outlook 2016.

Recent surveys revealed that over 250,000 downloads were done for the apps that work on tablets and other similar mobile devices, so keeping this current trend, the makers at Microsoft introduced MS Outlook 2016 with tablet friendly features so that they can manage personal as well as professional messages on their tablet while working on any Office feature. This is not all; the new Outlook apps also include integrated calendar for a better scheduling and sharing of content between devices. These free to download Microsoft Outlook Apps are easily available at Google Play Store and the App Store.

Be it the MS Word, Excel, OneNote or PowerPoint, all the fabulous Office applications are now better optimized for the small touch screens of the tablets, so that the user can confidently work on them even on the go. In fact, reviewing, editing and sharing Office documents has become much easier on tablets with these new optimized Outlook 2016 features. Moreover, one can easily save the documents on the Dropbox or OneDrive for easy access and sharing instantly or later on.

For those of you who are still not aware of what OneDrive is, let us inform that it is a medium through which you can view as well as share photos, folders or files with others while working on your tablet device. On the other hand, OneNote enables you to store ideas and notes that you jot down while working on MS Outlook 2016 for sharing anywhere with anyone even while traveling.

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