Ms Access is Prone to Corruption during the Development Stage

For using any data-corruption-5243100database you need to create applications or structures for facilitating data access or input. The Ms Access application comes with inbuilt form designers and modules which can be used to create simple applications around it. Moreover you can also create completely independent applications that use the Ms Access as a backend. During the stage where you are developing your application and testing the Access database, crashes may occur. In some cases data corruption issues may crop up and inconsistent results may be shown. Let’s look at ways to avoid such scenarios during the development stage.


It is critical to install Service Packs before starting with a development process

Microsoft regularly releases services packs that are designed to improve the performance of Ms Access and correct existing flaws. So before you initiate the development process, ensure the Access application is up to date.


Create a Backup of your Database

Before you start with the application development and testing process, create a backup of the existing database. This would prevent any existing data from getting lost due to a file corruption issue. Also while you are working in getting the application or modules in place, keep compacting the database to avoid it getting bogged down by temporary or unused data and code elements.


Consider Splitting the Database

If the application you are planning to roll out is designed for multiple users then you need to consider splitting up the Access files. The application file should ideally contain the forms or modules needed to work with the data while the core data files should be saved separately in a different MDB file. Local copies of the application file can be shared with all users.


Make it a Point to close all forms and other elements

In Ms Access, improper shutdowns can easily crash the application. So when you are developing an application around it, make sure to close all the form designers, Record sets etc before you exit the database.


Be careful while executing a module

While testing modules, some developers tend to break them in the middle and change its code. This practice is clearly unhealthy in case of Ms Access and should be avoided.


A Potent Data Recovery tool is mandated for Ms Access users

If you are using Ms Access to store critical data then it is imperative for you to invest in an access repair tool. The Access database can get corrupted without any warning and only a recovery tool like DataNumen Access Repair can bring back the compromised data. It has the highest recovery rate as compared to its peers and can effortlessly recover MEMO fields. It also can completely recover all relations along with indexes and OLE fields. Moreover the application is designed to work with nearly every media type and is capable of recovering accdb files too. The tool is extremely easy to work with and you can simply drag and drop a corrupted MDB file into its interface to initiate recovery process.


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