How to Monitor the Changes of Important Cells through Watch Window in Excel

Excel is always used to manage important data and information. Thus, today we will introduce how to use the watch window to monitor the changes of some important cells.

In an Excel file, you will always store some important data and information. But sometimes, you will inevitably need to change certain elements. But the data in an Excel has deep relation with each other. For example, you will use some formulas and the data may come from other worksheet. So one number changes, you need to check whether the relating number also changes. And here the watch window will help you to monitor those numbers.

An Example of Error in An Excel file

This workbook is about bonus for the sales representatives in season 1.An Example for Watch Window

The amount and the bonus are all based on the worksheet of season 1 sales volume.Sales Volume

But now you find that there is a wrong number in the worksheet. John’s quantity of Datanumen Excel Repair should be 8 rather than the number 5. Thus, you need to correct the number. To avoid the error in the bonus, you can add the watch window to monitor the change.

Use Watch Window

The following are the steps of adding watch window.

  1. Select the cells that you want to monitor.
  2. Click the “Formula” in the toolbar.
  3. Then click the button of “Watch Window”.Click Watch Window
  4. And then the watch window will pop up. Click the button “Add Watch”.Add Watch
  5. Because you have selected the target cells in the first step, here you can continue and click “Add”. Thus, the two cells will appear in this window.Cells in Watch Window
  6. Now come to the worksheet of sales volume and correct the number. And you will notice that the results in the watch window also change.The Result Change

Thus, you done need to switch among sheets o check whether the other number has changed.

Besides, when you have corrected one cell and need to change another, you can also click the target cell and delete it.Delete Watch

Recover the Data from an Excel Corruption

Excel corruption can cause hassle to you, especially if you have stored important data in it. As a result, you will suffer a lot from such a disaster. Thus, it is imperative for you to fix Excel files. In addition, a third party tool can be a great helper for you to retrieve data. And this software is expert in dealing with such data corruption.

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