How to Monitor the Changes in Your Excel through the Camera Tool

In an Excel file, you will certainly change some values. Thus, to monitor the change of result is very important. And the camera tool can be a very effective method.

In our previous article, we have introduced about the Watch Window: How to Monitor the Changes of Important Cells through Watch Window in Excel. And in this article, we have another method which has the same effect.

In this image, the source of the total number is from another worksheet “Sales Volume”. And this is a worksheet of bonus for employee of 2015.  An Example for Camera Tool

But you need to change some values in the original sheet. Therefore, you want to know whether the target numbers also change. Except for the watch window, here you can use the camera.

Add the Camera Command

Before you apply this feature, you need to first add the button in the quick access toolbar.

  1. Click the small arrow in the quick access tool bar.
  2. Then in the drop-down menu, click the option “More Commands”.More Commands
  3. In the “Excel Options” window, click the small arrow of “Choose commands from”.
  4. Then choose the “All Commands”.Choose all Commands
  5. Drag the scroll bar and find the command of “Camera”.
  6. Click the “Camera”.
  7. Click the button “Add” to add the camera into the toolbar.Add Camera
  8. Then click “OK”. Thus, this command will be in the quick access toolbar.

Camera in Toolbar

Use the Camera Tool

  1. Select the target area that you want to monitor.
  2. Click the “Camera” in the quick access toolbar.
  3. And then move to the original worksheet.
  4. Now drag your mouse and draw any of a shape. And once you release the mouse, you will create a picture in Excel.The New Picture
  5. Now if you change the values in the original cell, the result in the picture will also change. For example, here we need to modify Paul’s sales volume of Datanumen Excel Repair. The total number in the worksheet changes. Besides, you can also find that the number in the image also changes.The Result Change

In addition, if you make some change in the bonus worksheet, it will also appear in the image that you have created. And the format, such as font, color, fill color and others will also appear in the image just like the picture by a camera.

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