Mitigating the Risk of Computer Shutdowns

Computer shutdowns and power interruptions are a leading cause of data problems within SQL and Outlook programs. You can use SQL recovery software to help you repair the damage to your files, or a comparable program for recovering outlook data but then you have to turn your attention to preventing the problem from occurring again. There are many reasons a program shutdown can occur, just as there are also multiple reasons that a system power interruption can also happen. The key to mitigating the risk is to take proactive action.  man at computer after shutdown

Reducing the risk of shutdown

Recovering SQL coding after a program shutdown is doable, but not 100% guaranteed. Just because you have a top of the line repair program in place doesn’t mean that you can weather shutdowns without permanent loss. A shutdown occurs when the program is unable to complete the order and logic of its functioning because the system resources required are unavailable. If you open the system manager on your computer you can find the resource monitor that will show you how each of the programs installed consume resources during various aspects of their operations.

SQL programs require a high level of consistency in their resource draw and anything you have that may comprise what is available could lead to a shutdown. One of the biggest culprits in resource consumption are any programs that perform rendering or compiling. This can be as obvious as a computer programming environment with a tool labeled “Compiler,” or as hidden as the unannounced process a video or audio program goes through to create an exportable file format. It is a good practice to separate out these programs to another system that is not supporting SQL operations to prevent a competition for one system’s resources.

The power related shutdown

If you have experienced a loss of power or power surge as a result of inclement weather or local construction interference, chances are you are going to have to restore Outlook, along with any other program that was running at the time. Outlook does have built-in repair tools but they may not be up to the task of fixing a save to a file that resulted in data corruption.

Fortunately, there are good third party data recovery software programs that can help with that. To prevent data loss that is a result of a power interruption you need to do more than install a power strip with a surge protector. A surge protector will protect the system from an influx of energy, but it will cause the same type of unplanned shutdown that will cause your programs and data to be compromised. It is best to invest in an external battery power source that when activated by a surge or power loss provides enough power to allow the systems and programs to be shut down naturally.


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