Microsoft Outlook PST File Repair And What A PST File Is?

In brief, a PST file is simply a file with a .pst extension. imagesThe letters PST stands for Personal Storage Table and could refer to Personal Folder File or Personal Address Book. MS Outlook stores all the user information in the PST file with the file being locally available in your local hard disk. The user information includes email messages, calendar, journal records, agenda, and so on. Whatever you create or receive while using Outlook is kept in that one file, .PST or Offline Storage Table.

What’s important about the PST files is that they make it possible for users to access loads of archived information and other important data even when there is no internet connection. For example, when you receive email messages, they are received and stored in the .pst file locally. As you receive more messages and create more personal information, the .pst file increases in size. Numerous variations of Outlook (Outlook 97, View 98, Outlook 2000, and Outlook 2002) cannot manage a PST file, which goes beyond 2GB.

Whenever Outlook retrieves email information, it is automatically eliminated from the email server and stored in the .pst file. Beginning with Outlook 2003, PST files have maximum size limitation of 20GB. This is considered a huge improvement since more users are receiving more important emails that they need to retain. Moreover, there are several functions that users enjoy, resulting in more space being occupied.


PST File Repair

However, because PST files get used a lot, they are susceptible to problems that are either caused by foreign or internal components. MS Outlook problems can either result in loss or corruption of data. The application can either crash or simply malfunction, making it impossible to open folders.

Such program failures are quite disappointing. There are however diverse ways through which users can recover lost or corrupted PST files. MS Outlook has Scanpst.exe as an internal tool for pst repair. Scanpst.exe has however been criticized for its inability to offer extensive solutions. Many users have complained that Scanpst.exe only offers minor mailbox repairs.

Fortunately, there are various solutions available for users, whether the pst files are corrupted or accidentally deleted. Some of the available MS Outlook recovery tools include DataNumen, Kernel Recovery for PST, Outlook PST Repair and Recovery Software, Outlook FIX Professional, among many others. These third party pst file recovery programs offer different levels of solutions. Most of them also have different possible output formats.

If you are looking for a pst recovery tool that offers full pst file recovery and has numerous output formats, DataNumen comes forward as the most effective solution. DataNumen is capable of repairing pst files in batches or singly as selected by the user. Moreover, users who would like to try the software out can do so by accessing a trial version from DataNumen’s official website.


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