How to Merge and Unmerge Cells in Your Excel Worksheet

The details of merge and unmerge cells in Excel will always be ignored by most of the users. Here we will discuss about this feature in detail.

Merge cells is a very common feature in Excel. With this feature, you can make your worksheet better. Here we will show you the details of this feature.

Merge & Center

Suppose now you need to merge cells of the last row in this range. Thus, you can input the total sales volume in one cell.An Example to Merge Cells

To finish this task, now you can merge the three cells in the range.

  1. Use your mouse to select all the three cells in the worksheet.
  2. And then click the button “Merge & Center”.
  3. Thus, you have merged the three cells. And the alignment of the new cell is “Center”.Merge & Center

And now you can input the value into the target cell.

Other Merge Cells Options

The default option of the merge button is “Merge & Center”. And you may also notice that there is a small arrow near the button. You can also click this arrow and activate the sub menu. Thus, you can use the other types of merge in the worksheet. Here we use a blank worksheet as an example.

  1. Select a range of cell in your worksheet. Here we select the range A1:C2.
  2. And then click the small arrow of the button “Merge”.
  3. Now you can choose one option in the sub menu.Other Options

The first option is the “Merge & Center”.

And the second option is “Merge Across”. If you choose this option, all the cells of a row will merge. You may refer to the image below to see the result.Merge Across

Besides, if you click the third option and only merge cells, you will get this result.Merge Cells

There is no special alignment for the new cell. If you need to change the alignment, you need to modify it manually.

Merge Cells with Values

If you need to merge cells with values, you need to be more careful. In this part, we will also use examples to discuss the details.

Suppose there is a value in one of the cells. And now you need to merge those cells into one cell.Cell with Values

  1. Select the three cells.
  2. And then click the button “Merge & Center”. Thus, the cells will merge together. And the value will stay in the new cell.

Value in New Cell

However, if there are more than two cells contains values, the result will be different. More Values in Cells

In this image, you can see that all the cells contain the corresponding sales volume of each product. But now you want to input the sales volume of all the products, you need to merge the three cells. And here you haven’t deleted those values before you merge cells.

  1. Select all the target cells in the worksheet.
  2. And then click the button “Merge & Center”.
  3. Next you will see such information:Information

It shows that only the values in the upper-left cell can remain in the new cell.

  1. If you click “OK”, the value in the upper left cell will remain.Upper Left Value

Else if you click “Cancel”, the cells will not merge.

Unmerge Cells

Unmerge cells is also very simple in Excel.

  1. Click the cell that you need to unmerge.
  2. And then click the button “Merge & Center” in the toolbar. Besides, you can also click the arrow near the button and choose the option “Unmerge Cells”. Thus, the cell will unmerge.Unmerge Cells

Sometimes the cell will contain a value. When you unmerge the cell, the value will remain in the upper left cell of the unmerge cells range. And even if the value was in other cell before merging, it will not come back to the original cell. In the image below, you can see that the value in B14 was originally in C14. When you merge cells and then unmerge, the value will be in B14 rather than C14.

Value in Upper Left Cell

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