Managing Add-ins in Ms Outlook

Over the years the Ms Outlook mail client has improved its imagesfeatures and has made its place as preferred application of choice for majority of business users. While Microsoft has tried to introduce new functions into the application, it cannot incorporate myriad of functions which a varied community of its users would want in their email client application. Hence it allowed people to incorporate add-ins which essentially are external modules that address specific requirements. It is interesting to note that the Outlook client also comes with a bunch of add-ins which are not necessarily activated as default. You can choose to turn them on based on your requirements. In case of add-ins supplied by third party software publishers you need to specifically install them.


  • What if an installed add-in does not show up

In some case after you have installed an add-in, the same does not show up. Such a situation may occur if the Outlook client does not enable it. To rectify the issue you can go to the Add-ins tab which appears either in TrustCenter or under Options below the File tab. Once the screen opens up, from the dropdown Manage menu find Disabled items and check the list of add-ins. Select the add-in you want to activate and click enable. In case the add-in still does not show up, you can contact the add-in publisher for further assistance.


  • Popular Microsoft Outlook Add-ins

Now that you are aware of key benefits offered by Outlook add-ins, let look at some of the popular add-ins in vogue today. The first add-on that comes to our mind is the Salesforce for Outlook add-in that helps you get all your communication integrated into the Salesforce CRM. An absolute delight for marketing professionals, this excellent add-in can help you monitor every client email and launch email outreach activities.  The next Outlook add-in that comes to our mind is the Nelson email organizer that makes its mark as an excellent mail sorting tool. Another Outlook add-in that we would recommend is the Newsgator Inbox which seamlessly integrates RSS feeds into your Outlook client. Incidentally the iTunes add-in for Outlook is quite popular as it allows you get instant updates from Apple store.


  • What if a certain add-in caused your Outlook client to crash?

The benefits offered by Outlook add-ins are quite huge however at times a malfunctioning add-in can crash your application. Given the fact that you may have installed more than one add-ins into your Outlook application, identifying the problem child can be an issue. In such scenario the best solution is to start the application in safe mode and uninstall all the suspected add-ins. Then you can start reinstalling the add-ins one by one and eliminate the specific add-in that leads to issues. In some case you may suspect an Outlook crash on installed add-ins while the actual cause may relate to corruption of .pst files. In such cases you should utilize a pst recovery utility such as DataNumen Outlook repair to recover the compromised files in quick time.


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