How to Make Your Worksheet More Vivid by Inserting WordArt into Excel

You can make the worksheet more vivid by formatting cells and the fonts. Except for that, you can also use the WordArt in your worksheet.

The WordArt is indeed a very useful feature in Excel. Besides, it also has a wide range of use. For example, you can use the WordArt for the range header in a worksheet. The image below shows a common worksheet. The content “DataNumen Sales Volume” is in the merged cells. To make the worksheet better, we have changes the font format.Example

You may have also formatted the header to make it better from the appearance. That’s also what most of the users will do. And now, instead of changing the font format, you can also use the WordArt to replace the contents.

Insert WordArt

In this part, we will show you the steps to insert WordArt.

  1. In the worksheet, click the tab “Insert” in the ribbon.
  2. And then click the button WordArt” in the toolbar.
  3. Next you will see a drop-down list. There are many different types of WordArt that you can choose. You can choose one that you like.WordArt
  4. Next input the text into the text box.Input Text
  5. And then click any other cell in the worksheet. Now you have finish inserting the WordArt into your worksheet.

Modify WordArt

After you insert the WordArt into the worksheet, you still need to modify it.

  1. Move the contents into the right place. Here the content is the header, so we will move to the head of the worksheet.
  2. When you click it, the tab “Drawing Tools” will be activated. Under this tab, you can set other format for this content.
  3. In the “Shape Style” area, you can format the shape according to your need.Shape Styles

When you click the small button of the different shapes, you can also see many default styles.Default Format

You can use a default format or set by yourself.

  1. Next in the “WordArt Styles” area, you can set the format for the contents.WordArt Style

Also there are some default formats for you to choose. Besides, you can also change the text color, outline and text effect according to your preference.

We have also changed the format. You can refer to the image below to see the result.Result

This effect is certainly better than only using the font format. Therefore, the next time, you can consider using the WordArt in your worksheet.

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