How to Make Replies Sent to Several People in Outlook

At times we need to forward someone’s reply to other people. Actually there is a good method to make replies sent to other people directly.

Make Replies Sent to in Outlook

In my daily work, often after my colleagues reply me, I need to forward the reply to other colleagues. However, I feel that the entire forwarding procedures are too boring and annoying, occupying too much of my cherished time. I believe that everyone wouldn’t like those repeating and meaningless operations.

Have you ever encountered this situation where you need to forward replies over and over again? Do you feel the same terrible as me? If you have the same feeling as me, I promise, the method mentioned below will help us solve this problems successfully. This good approach will help us to make replies sent to other people automatically. Of course, the method is tackled by the original senders.

Now I will introduce how to make replies sent to several people in detail.

  1. Firstly try to create a new email as usual.
  2. Then you would fill in email addresses, subject as well as concrete contents.
  3. Next in the window of “New Message”, you would be required to locate and click on “Options”.
  4. In the top menu, you should pitch on the final option – “Direct Replies to”.
  5. Afterwards, you will see a popup window of “Properties”, in which various settings, options and other properties.
  6. You must see the “Delivery Options”, in the frame of which there is the item – “Have replies sent to”. After this item, you could write down specific email addresses manually. In addition, you could also click “Select Names” button to select specific email addresses from your contacts.
  7. Finally click “Close” to save the properties settings. And just send it out.

After you carry out all the above actions, the email with the special properties will be sent to the recipients. Once the recipients select to reply the email, the people listed in “Have replies sent to” will receive the reply altogether. Thus there is no need for you to forward the reply to them again.

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