How to Make Excel Charts More Intuitive by Adding Data Labels and Tables

The chart in Excel is a very fantastic feature to analyze data. And now we have two methods to make the chart more intuitive by adding corresponding numbers.

In a chart, you surely will need to compare a multitude of data. Consequently, you need to come back to worksheet and confirm the matching number quite often. For example, this image is the sales volume of two different products.A Chart for Adding Numbers

Although you can view the approximate number from the vertical axis, you still need to refer to the original data. Thus, the task tends to be more troublesome. As a result, you can adhere to the two methods and put on numbers in chart.

Method 1: Add Data Labels

This method is very simple and the steps are very easy.

  1. Click the chart so that the active object is the chart.
  2. Then click the “Layout” tab in the “Chart Tools”.Data Labels
  3. Next click the button “Data Labels”.
  4. In the drop down menu, choose one of the options.Choose from Label Options

And then the numbers will appear in the chart.Numbers in Chart

In addition, you can also choose other types of labels. What’s more, you can also choose the “More Data Label Options” and set it according to your need.

Method 2: Add Data Table

You may find that the numbers in the chart will make the interface in a mess. Thus, the second method can solve the problem.

  1. Click the button “Data Table” in the “Layout” tab.Data Table
  2. In the drop-down menu, choose one of the options.Choose from Table Options

And then the table will appear in the chart. You may also adjust the width and height of the chart to make it better.

Data Table in Chart

This table is much cleaner than the first method. And the numbers are very intuitive. Besides, you can also set the options according to your actual need.

The above two methods have different effects in different situation, and you can apply any of them in actual condition. Thus, your task is surely to move on more smoothly.

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