How to Make Your Email More Attractive by Inserting Shape Characters into Subject Line

This article will look at how to add shape characters to email subject line, such as a heart, star or musical note, which can attract recipients’ attention more effectively.

Shape CharacterAt every festival, I always design a special card in email and send it to my fellows for celebration. Also, I won’t use the plain text in the email subject. I will add some other shape characters, which looks more interesting and beautiful. Here are my methods.

Apply Windows Built-in Character Map

  1. To start with, launch Outlook application and create a new email directly by clicking “New Email” button under Home tab.
  2. Then go to Windows “Start Menu”, and type “Character Map” in the search field.Character Map
  3. The corresponding program will show up in the above list. Locate and click “Character Map” to run it.Character Map in the List
  4. Next a new dialog box will open. In “Font” field, the default one is “Ariel”. But you could click the down arrow to select your preferred font form the drop down list.
  5. After picking out a kind of font, you should pull the scrolling bar at left side to check all characters. Pitch on one of them and click “Select” button below to add it to “Character to copy” field. You can choose multiple characters.Select Your Preferred Shape Characters
  6. After finishing selecting shape characters, you can click “Copy” button to copy them. Alternatively, press “Ctrl + C” may be quicker.Copy the Characters
  7. Afterwards, you need to back to the new email. Locate the subject line. Right click and choose “Paste”. Or use “Ctrl + V” keyboard shortcut. Optionally, you could add some key words in the subject as well.Paste the Characters
  8. Finally, you could enter the recipient’s email addresses, fill the message body and add customized settings as usual. Click “Send” button to send it out. The recipients will receive the email shown as below.The Received Message

Please Attention to … 

Though adding shape characters to subject can make the mail more attractive, its sending/receiving process may meet up with some disturbance. If the recipients hold a high Junk Email Filter, which mainly judges the spam through subject, this kind of email may be moved and even deleted automatically. However, if you are sending it under an Exchange environment with your fellows, sending the email may not be disrupted.

Alternatives to Attract Recipients’ Attention

Virtually other than creating subject with special shape characters, you can use other methods to arrest recipients’ notice. For instance, you can flag the message for follow up, add reminders for recipients, specify a due date as well as set its priority and sensitivity, etc.

Never Look Down upon the Power of Junk Email Filter

Due to occasional mistakes of spam filter, some people tend to turn off it. Actually the junk email filter is much more useful than it looks like. With it, the possibility of getting infected by viruses is reduced. Once you encountered virus infection or malware attacks, all Outlook data may be destroyed. In that situation, applying Scanpst.exe won’t make effects any more. You have to apply the other powerful repair tools like DataNumen Outlook Repair, which is well versed in PST recovery. Thus it can extract maximum data from damaged PST file like a breeze.

Author Introduction:

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