Maintain your Database Integrity with SQL Recovery Software

hard_drive_surgery_toolsThe integrity of your database is crucial for any business and very much dependent on its security and proper functioning. SQL coding is the core structure for storing and accessing many database files.


The threat of malware when it attacks the coding of a database lies in many issues that can inhibit the response and effectiveness of your database and it may feel impossible to repair the corrupt coding. However, DataNumen provides a powerful SQL recovery resource that can repair and recover integral files and the coding structure. Recovering SQL coding can be accomplished even by someone with little database experience.


The design of malware as it pertains to SQL servers has a definitive purpose of attacking exploitable gaps in your security software defense. Signs of a malware infection are:


  • Destruction and unauthorized or untraceable data modification to complete database inaccessibility

  • Delayed query responses

  • Loss of speed from the database


Any of these symptoms should raise an immediate red flag and prompt attention should be given to minimize the exposure of database material to other files. DataNumen has a solution for recovering SQL coding that locates the areas where the coding has been damaged or otherwise affected; and then restores them to their original condition.


Some of the errors can occur after structural modifications or a large amount of data is added to an SQL system. A server that becomes non-responsive to basic queries could also be experiencing formatting issues. This can result of poorly input data that does not comply with the criteria of its field.


Thankfully, the chances of a successful SQL repair are very high with a thorough examination and the appropriate data recovery software used to identify the issues caused by the malware. You do not have to be an expert to use DataNumen’s recovery software programs.


The DataNumen SQL recovery software can repair your server MDF database files. By scanning the MDF and associated NDF files the software can recover the data as much as possible and help to minimize the loss of file corruption.


Take advantage of our free demo download or go ahead and order our SQL recovery software and get your repair underway. Your purchase is backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and our customer service agents are available 24/7 for any questions or concerns you might have.


Our other data recovery programs include repair for Outlook, Excel and Word, among others.

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