MailTips in Ms Outlook – A Primer

In this article we look at the MailTips feature present in the latest iterations of Ms Outlook which helps us avoid silly mistakes.

MailTips in Ms Outlook - A Primer
If you seriously wish to avoid silly or embarrassing mistakes to occur while sending emails in bulk in MS Outlook, then you better use the MailTips Feature. Microsoft did an incredible job by including a smart feature called MailTips in its 2010 and 2013 versions. This feature helps avoiding common and sometimes even costly mistakes to happen while sending messages in a large group. Read on to learn in depth of what MailTips basically do in MS Outlook and how you can change them as per your preferences.
Let us first of all throw some light on what actually the MailTips Feature does in Outlook. Basically, this feature sends an alert when a mail is sent via Reply All Option to a huge list of recipients. In this way, the user can get alerted if a sensitive piece of information is sent to someone not from the organization, who can misuse it. However, one big limitation for this opt-in tool to work is that works only for Outlook accounts that are linked with an MS Exchange Server.
There are a couple of things for which you can easily use MailTips in MS Outlook. Firstly, as we mentioned, it helps in avoiding unwanted information to a huge distribution list. Secondly, MailTips helps in somehow reducing the email volume by catching alerts in case someone is most likely not to respond, especially in cases, when that person’s mailbox is full. Thirdly, this useful feature also provides protection of intellectual property from getting sent out of the organization that can be misused by someone who receives it.
It’s important for the user to know how to change or turn on or off the MailTips in MS Outlook. Remember that MailTips are activated or are turned on by default. In case, you wish to turn them off, then a few steps will enable you to do so with utmost ease. All you need to do is to go to the File Option and choose the option of Mail under the Options. Then, select MailTips Option. However, keep in mind that the MailTips Option will not be visible if it doesn’t apply to your Outlook Version. For those of you, who have not one but more than one Exchange Server Accounts, then select a particular account in the option of Apply To This Account. You can then check or uncheck the box next to the options that are displayed under Select MailTips To Be Displayed. You may also choose the option of Never Display MailTips.
To sum it up, we can state that you can keep your organization’s important information secure by using the MailTips functionality in Outlook. The best part about MailTips is that it is displayed automatically by default whenever a MailTip applies. However, also note that MailTips will probably not work if the user is working in offline mode of Outlook or if a message contains more than 200 recipients.

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