Looking to grow your small business- check how a database like SQL server can come to your rescue

For small business looking to grow at a sharp speed, a database solution like SQL Server can come handy

Small Businesses Can Be Empowered By Using Database Like SQL Server Express EditionLaunched around 20 years ago, SQL server today has become one of the leading database management software for all leading companies. Today it competes with offerings from IT giants like Oracle, IBM and Sybase. However such software is usually used by large scale enterprise level organizations and small business are still reluctant to explore database solutions. However when it comes to SQL Server, it has something for everyone and even for small businesses.

If you have growing small business you should definitely look to check out the SQL Server Express edition which can be downloaded free of cost. It is not resource heavy and can be installed on an affordable machine. Once you have a database solution in place, you can use it for several functions as listed below.

  1.  Customer Resource ManagementCustomer resource managementРThis refers to keeping a track of customer interactions with the company or a product. Over a period of time if a customer becomes a regular customer, the company can detect their preferences with the help of database management systems, and better the system more will be its efficiency. This makes it important for small business enterprise to switch to SQL server, as with it they can better indulge in CRM and give the customer exactly what they are looking for. This will also make the customer more loyal and interested in maintaining contacts with a particular company.
  2.  Inventory managementРThis refers to keeping an account of the availability of goods by a company and also the condition of the available goods. Inventory management is necessary for a company dealing with physical goods and not just knowledge services. Small business in production and manufacture of goods, with various factories here and there need to have a safe and secure database management system, which is well provided by SQL server. A company opting for SQL server for database management can be sure about the safety of their information, till the time they do not let the wrong person accesses that information. SQL server provides ample security for your information.
  3. Employee management– This is one of the most important functions for any of the database management software and database administrator. Records of employees, their performance, their salaries and their contact information are a few of the most important set of information for a company. It provides promotions, incentives and salaries all on the basis of these records. For a small business, maintaining a record of its employees and which all company offices they are employed in, how the performance is is all very important with the perspective of business expansion. Therefore it is important for them to use software that can ensure safekeeping of their most crucial information.

For Small Businesses Running a SQL Server instance, investing in a recovery tool is crucial

In small businesses, technical manpower is scarce and it is likely that complex backup systems too are not built in place. To avoid losing data due to a SQL crash, one needs to use a sql server recovery application like DataNumen SQL Recovery. It has the potency to bring out all your data from a compromised SQL files without losing its integrity. Moreover the tool is exceptionally quick and recovery process can be completed in quick time.

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