Looking at Security Features in Ms Outlook and Building on Them

Ask any Internet user todayPC-security and he would vouch for the fact that the World Wide Web is a minefield of security threats. From virus attacks to phishing websites and innocuous looking emails containing malicious codes within images, the threats are many and a lot of them can come through your email. In this context it is pleasant thought to know that the Ms Outlook client is a largely secure application that has the features to prevent malicious elements from getting through. Let’s look at exploring the subject in detail and examine measures that can keep us safe.


Spam Filters in Outlook Form the First Line of Defense

The Ms Outlook application comes with potent spam filters that can weed out suspicious emails on the fly. It has a strong inclination to mark emails that contain suspicious payloads, more so if they are coming from an unknown email ID. However it is for us to keep the Outlook application up to date and install security updates issued by Microsoft related to Windows or Office in time.


Block Executable Content and External Links

Outlook by default blocks executable attachments from being run. Further it also stops external links from being turned on without your consent. Again when it comes to Active X components, they are clearly turned off unless you allow them to run. With a lot of viruses’ piggy banking on image files, as a matter of security, the application can be configured to prevent images from being downloaded.


Use Zone Settings to Manage your Security

The Ms Outlook client allows you to customize your security restrictions. By clicking on Tools and then going to Options, you can find the Security tab in the Options screen. Here under Zone Settings you can select the appropriate zone and move the slider to High which would enforce maximum security.


Turn On Email Scanning in your Antivirus Application

In case you have an antivirus application installed in your PC, which should ideally be the case, you should enable email scanning in it. This would ensure that each email landing in your Outlook mailbox is getting checked by the antivirus program for security threats. While this may slowdown the Outlook client, the benefits far outweigh the wait period you have to suffer.


Keep a Recovery Tool Around to Prevent Data Loss

While all the above measures go a long way in securing your Outlook application against threats, it remains vulnerable from inside due to chances of PST corruption. This major bugbear has been shadowing the Outlook application over years and even Outlook 2013 cannot claim immunity from this threat. Thus a pst recovery like DataNumen Outlook Repair should be kept around to ensure the security of our data. This versatile tool is equipped to recover all data elements like calendar entries or shared journals with ease. Moreover it can swiftly bring back compromised data stored on optical media or remote hard drives.


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Alan Chen is President & Chairman of DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql recovery and outlook repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com

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