Locating an Email which was sent to you but did not appear in the Inbox

In course iconof an average day, you may receive a good load of emails in your Inbox. Now if one your friends or contacts have sent you an email, it is quite possible that you may have missed an odd email. In some cases though an email sent to you may not land in your Inbox. In fact the sender may call you up and inform about the email being sent and yet you may not find it. If you ever encounter such a situation, try the steps listed below to resolve the issue.


Start with looking through the Junk email box

At the very outset you should set your sights on the Junk email folder as the likely place to find the missing email. Search through the Junk folder by the date and time when the email was sent through and try to locate it.


Look at another device

If you are accessing your Outlook email through other devices, say a Smartphone, you should check the same for the missing email.


Consider the possibility of the email being held up by an antivirus tool

In case you are still unable to locate the email then there is a possibility that the email may have got held up in quarantine by the antivirus tool. While this possibility is very rare, you should still check the quarantine item folder of your antivirus tool.


Check your Web Based Email account

If you are using Outlook with a web based account like Yahoo mail, then there may be a chance that the email has got stuck in the filters of the web based mail platform. Make sure you check the Junk folders here too.


Alternate Scenarios

In case all the above steps fail, you would need to ask the sender to resend the email once again and even verify it has been sent from his Outbox. If the sender confirms the same, and you still do not receive the email, you may need to contact your Internet Service Provider or your Exchange administrator for further help with the issue.


Outlook Crashes can prove to be a Disaster for a Business Professional

A large number of business professionals love to use the Outlook email client as it provides them with a whole array of features to manage their emails and outreach efforts. The facility to make appointments, track the work performed, share notes etc makes Outlook a great tool for such professionals. However an Outlook crash owing to a pesky PST error can destroy the feel good factor in one moment. If you are staring at a data loss situation and wish to get back the business data and emails stored in the application, you need to swiftly grab an outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair. Equipped with possibly the best PST recovery algorithm ever conceived, the application can dig out data from a seriously messed up PST file in quick time.


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