How to Locate and Delete Access Web Apps by Using the SharePoint Access App Scanner

In this article, we discuss how you can make use of the all-new SharePoint Access App scanner to find and remove Access web apps in your system.

The sole purpose of SharePoint Access Scanner is to locate and report the presence of all Access apps in your tenant. There are several Access apps, which are being retired and Microsoft wants to prevent users from adding or running any new apps with your system. With the help of the data that is generated through this scanner, users can come up with a needed remediation work.Locate And Do Away With Your Access Web Apps By Using The SharePoint Access App Scanner

The default built-in setting of SharePoint Access App Scanner is to use search in a way that it retrieves the list of all Access App sites. This approach works effectively and super fast, even on big environments. It is a great way for users to search through their required app without any hassle using this apps scanner. Users can also track application use as well as patterns and practices of different users through this application.

It also updates the users about the upcoming retirement of their Access apps, which alerts them to take a new version as soon as possible before the due date. It also helps Microsoft in ensuring that users are not using their services or application through unauthorized means. However, like any other software, users can disable and change its setting to do away with their Access web app retirement.

Steps to locate and Do away with your Access Web Apps by Using the SharePoint Access App Scanner

SharePoint Access App ScannerFirst and foremost the user needs to download the SharePoint Access App Scanner. The app is easily available online.

Now the user needs to set an app-only principal in this app.

Note: In order to complete these steps the user should be a tenant administrator of SharePoint.

Step 1: Creation of a New Principal

Navigate to the site in your tenant and then go to the appregnew.aspx page. On this page, the user needs to click on Generate button in to create a client secret and id with some additional information asked in the space below.

Step 2: Grant permission to allow principal creation

Now the user needs to grant his/her permission to the principal, he/she created in the first step. Since these granting have been permitted using Tenant permission they can only be processed through an appinv.aspx page on the administration site. The user can go to this site by clicking on

When the page appears, add in your client id in the space provided.

To grant permissions, user will have to insert the XML permission which describes all the needed permissions. Since that Access App scanner accesses all sites, and uses the app only search, it requires users to grant these permissions.

Step 3: Once the user has made these changes, he/she needs to click on Create > Trust it on the Admin window.

Congratulations now you can scan your computer for any Access application using this app.

Note: Ensure to safeguard the ID and password that you have created for the app as it is your administrator account. Anyone can use this id/secret and update or edit your data, which can potentially damage your SharePoint Online environment.

Most Access users are very wary of Access crashes. However there is no sure shot way of preventing database crashes. It is rather prudent to invest in an Access repair tool than trying to completely avoid any database crashes or data file errors.

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