How to List the Outlook Data Files for the Found Contacts in Outlook

When you use some search tools to find some contacts, you may hope to determine which Outlook data file the search results belong to. This article will look at this issue and teach you how to achieve it in quick time.

In Outlook, you can restrict the search scope when using instant search, like the following screenshot. If you search contacts directly in the current folder, you will have no the troubles of determining which Outlook data file the search results are in. But if you opt to search “All Contact Items”, it’ll be a bit knotty.

Search Scope

Fortunately, you can utilize the following approach to easily get it. If you have the similar requirements and troubles, read on to learn the detailed steps.

Use “Outlook Data File” Column

  1. At the beginning, you can start Outlook and head to Contacts pane as usual.
  2. Then click in the search box to make “Search” ribbon visible and change the scope to “All Contact Items”.
  3. Subsequently, you should switch to “View” tab and click on “View Settings”. In the popup dialog box, you ought to press “Columns” button.View Settings
  4. After that, another “Show Columns” dialog box will show up. In it, you should follow the steps below:
  • Firstly, select the “All Mail fields” from the “Select available columns from” drop down list.
  • And then from the “Available columns” box, you ought to locate and pitch on the “Outlook Data File”.
  • Next click on “Add” button.
  • After “Outlook Data File” is added to the right box, you can use “Move Up” and “Move Down” button to change the order of columns.
  • Lastly click a series of “OK” until you close all the dialog boxes.Add Outlook Data File Column
  1. Later you can type the keywords about the contacts in the instant search box.
  2. Finally, after the results totally arise, you can easily get which Outlook data file the contacts are in.List the Outlook Data Files for the Found Contacts

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