Linking Up Notes with Contacts in Ms Outlook – A Primer

The Notes notesfeature in Outlook can prove handy at different occasions. For example you may be engaging in a telephone call with a client and would like to jot down some relevant information in it. At some point of time you may feel the need to associate a Note with a specific contact. It would be delightful if it was possible to link the Note you created over a conversation with a client and link the data with his contact information in Outlook. Thankfully Outlook offers you such flexibility and it can be achieved with ease.


Associating Notes with Contacts

  1. Launch the Ms Outlook application and head to the Notes section
  2. Now select the Note you wish to link up with a contact and double click on it
  3. When the specific Notes screen shows up, go to the top left corner of the Note and click on it
  4. From the drop down list of options, click on Contacts
  5. A small rectangular pop-up would show up where you can choose the contact with which you wish to link up the note with.
  6. Once the contact has been selected just click on close to complete the process.

Once the note has been added it would show up in the Activities section of the specific contact. To check the same follow the steps mentioned below

  1. Head to the Contacts tab
  2. Now select the specific contact with which you have associated the note
  3. Next when the contact screen shows up, head to the activities tab
  4. From the drop down list appearing under the activities tab, click on Notes
  5. Here you will find all notes associated with the Contact including the one you previously added.

In Outlook, you can add several notes to a specific contact. They would appear in a date wise fashion in the activities tab of the contact screen, with last note added coming up on top.


Preserving the Important Data Stored in Notes and Emails from the threat of a PST Crash

The scariest part of a PST crash is not that it simply compromises your emails, but everything you ever stored in Outlook, from Contacts to those important Notes is at risk.  Opting for Microsoft’s Inbox Repair tool may not give ideal results in many cases and only a portion of emails may be recovered. Hence it is prudent to invest in an outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair beforehand. In the event of a contingency this powerful program can swing into action and get back your data within minutes. Everything you stored in notes can be recovered without any data loss. In fact the tool has the capacity to negotiate large files and most severe incidents of data corruption without any reservations. Last but not the least in case you are experiencing difficulty in tracing the underlying PST files of your Outlook application, the program can serve as a formidable e-discovery tool.


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