Linking Social Accounts in Outlook 2013 – A Primer

In the latest iterations of Ms Outlook, it is possible to link your social profiles from directly within the email client.

Linking Social Accounts in Outlook 2013 – A Primer
Who is not untouched by the power of social media these days and in fact, whosoever is not using the social media is considered as dumb. Keeping this fact in mind, Microsoft recently included a new and very useful feature to link social accounts in its latest versions of Outlook email client. Read on to know how to link social accounts in MS Outlook with the Outlook Social Connector to stay connected socially with all your important day to day life contacts.
Elaborately speaking, Outlook Social Connector is a feature that enables the user to work in Outlook while still staying up to date with the status of friends and contacts on various social media sites. Moreover, this feature allows you to watch out whenever a known contact changes his or her social media profile. All the updates about the recent activities done by your friends and contacts in these social media sites are updated in the People Pane that is located right below your already open Outlook items like email, meetings, contacts and appointments.
In case, you are not able to see the People Pane in Outlook, then try you may turn it on by clicking on View Option and then on Reading Pane followed by clicking on Right or Bottom. Another way to turn the People Pane on is by clicking the View Option and choosing the People Pane Option and clicking on Normal or Minimize. However, both these ways to turn on People Pane will work only if your organization allows you to connect to the Internet because many organizations doesn’t allow employees to access social media sites from the office.
Once you are able to open the People Pane, you can easily connect to the social media sites by checking the boxes that are present next to the accounts of different social networking sites. You will however, be required to fill some essential information to login like your user name and passwords. At last, you will need to click on Connect and then on Finish Option. At present, only FaceBook and LinkedIn are the social media sites from where you can get up dates in Outlook about the recent activity or photographs uploaded by known contacts.
The best thing about People Pane is that it can be hidden too, as and when required. For instance, if you wish to leave your seat and system for a while and don’t want your colleagues to peep in your social media accounts, you can hide the People Pane. The procedure for this is simple and all you need is to click on View Option and then select the People Pane Option and click on Off Option.
To sum it up, it can be said that staying in touch with near and dear ones is easier through the Outlook Social Connector Feature available in MS Outlook 2013. If you use this feature, a lot of time will be saved that would have otherwise gone wasted in opening social networking sites outside Outlook to check the updates of your known contacts.
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