Learn Why using a Backup Copy of Outlook is ideal when you are shifting between Computers

CopyBackupFilesWith computing technology improving every passing year, you may be tempted to upgrade to a new machine or an operating system. If you decide to do so, you would have reinstall your Ms Office application and transfer the contents stored in your Outlook application. While Outlook provides you with Export and Import features to achieve the same, the process may not be ideal. For once, you will lose your personal settings including any rules that you have created and view settings will also have to be done again from scratch. However if you choose to configure the new instance of Outlook with the previous PST file rather than importing it later, you would be able to retain all your personal settings. Let’s look at how you can achieve the same.


Replacing the PST file in the new machine with the Original PST file

When you are looking to shift your Outlook data, the easiest way involves copying the original PST file and saving it at the destination machine. You can easily find the location of the PST file by visiting the Data Files Management tab under the File menu. When the Outlook Data files screen shows up, just select the PST file and click on Settings. A Personal folder screen shows up and path to the storage folder is present in Filename field. Now once you have managed to copy and save the PST file at the destination machine, you need launch Outlook in the new machine and find its PST file. Now open the respective folder and replace it with the original file. It is important to note that you may have to change the name of the older file to match the name of the PST file in the new machine which you wish to replace. Once done, just restart Outlook and you would find all your personal data as you have desired.


An Outlook Backup file too can get corrupted due to a logical error

When you are creating an Outlook backup file, it may at times get corrupted due to resources conflicts. A possible scenario involves emails getting downloaded at the same time when you are backing up your PST file. Now few days or weeks later when you attempt to import the backed up PST file you may receive an error message. To repair the file you would need a specialized outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair which can create a fresh PST file by recovering the contents from the corrupted file. The tool incidentally is capable of dealing with email messages that contain embedded contents, say an Excel spreadsheet and recovering them successfully. Moreover the application has the potency to tackle scenarios where the Microsoft Inbox Repair tool simply gives up and hangs. If that was not all the application can even be used to recover PST files that are password protected.


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