Learn Why MS SQL Server is increasingly becoming popular over its rivals

While most microsoft-sql-server-2014SQL Server proponents have always believed that the application could hold its own against more pricey and famed rivals in the enterprise segment, it now seems that a lot of organizations are increasingly reposing their thrust in it too. According to the findings of research firm Gartner, the MS SQL server has shown a higher growth rate since 2010 than some of its highly illustrious rivals. In fact it is also scoring well against highly sophisticated solutions like SAP Hana which have long remained unchallenged on its strengths. With 2014 iteration of SQL Server, Microsoft has truly poised a formidable challenge before pricier solutions by introducing features like in memory OLTP and backup encryptions. Let’s look at why it makes sense for corporate customers to go for the MS SQL Server database.


Overall Ease of Use and Great Reporting Features

Very few people can doubt the fact that the MS SQL Server is rather easy to use in relative terms when we compare it with other applications in its class. A host of actions like backup operations or BI searches can be performed with this application with rather minimum effort. Further it comes with a bunch great reporting features that make it easy for users to extract the data they are looking to find.


Does not cost a fortune to run

There are several SQL Server versions and licenses available today which are designed to cater to different needs. Even the enterprise edition is relatively less costly than its immediate competitor. However the key area where SQL Server scores is the availability of trained manpower to handle its functions. A MS SQL DBA typically is available at around half the annual salary of an Oracle DBA and other professionals for different functions too are readily available. Further maintaining the application is also relatively less challenging.


Reliable and Secure

The MS SQL Server is equipped with a host of security features like encryption key management and TDE that place it amongst the very best in its league. Further the application offers complete reliability through its robust AlwaysOn availability groups and drastically reduces your operational downtimes.


Need of a SQL Recovery tool can come up at any time

When you are running several instances of SQL Server in your office, the need for SQL Recovery tool can come up at any time. Irrespective of whether you have encountered a SQL crash or your data migration process got botched, a powerful sql recovery tool like the remarkable DataNumen SQL Recovery can help you extract your records in quick time. It has the capacity to bring back every SQL element including triggers and saved queries in perfect shape. In fact in most cases chances of data loss can be completely minimized with the help of this tool. Last but not the least, if you have several files to repair, you can line them up all at once for processing with this versatile tool.


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