Learn Why Ms Outlook is Still Better for Businesses over Gmail for Work

Despite a strong push by Google to market Gmail for Work, Outlook still holds its preeminent position in the corporate world.

Learn Why Ms Outlook is Still Better for Businesses over Gmail for Work

The Ms Outlook email client has been the preferred choice for corporate entities for nearly two decades and still holds its preeminent position. However in recent years Gmail has started to make its headway into this domain, especially in the SMB space. For lot of companies the idea to have its entire email setup up in the cloud seems rather attractive. Moreover Google has priced its solutions in an affordable manner which makes it easy for many companies to move on to the platform. However the Gmail platform along with calendar, drive and other collaborative features still does not match up to the power of Ms Outlook deployed on an Exchange backbone. Let’s look at some of the areas where Outlook outshines the offering from the search engine giant


With Outlook the entire email repository can be saved locally and can be accessed without the internet


The basic draw of Outlook over Gmail relates to the emails being present on your system at all times. At times when you are travelling, and do not have access to internet, you would be bereft of access to your email. However with Outlook you can access your emails without an internet connection, work on your responses and send them later.


Exchange allows you to collaborate seamlessly with Outlook


When Outlook runs in collaboration with Exchange, it gives you the chance to book resources at the click on a button, schedule events, access calendars of your coworkers and even interact using social options prevalent in the People feature. While Gmail has some of these features, its execution and interface leave a lot to be desired.


Productivity with Outlook is way higher than on the Google Apps/Gmail Platform


In an desktop environment, drawing productivity from applications on your system is always going to be easy than to perform the entire set of activities on the cloud. Network lags are non existent on Outlook running on your system. In fact Outlook user friendliness clubbed with seamless performance takes into a different league than Gmail for professional users.


For all its merits, the Ms Outlook client remains acutely vulnerable if you are using it without an Exchange server


In small offices, where an Exchange server is not in place, files are stored locally in the PST format. Outlook PST files are rather susceptible to errors and in case of a crash; they can compromise all your email messages. Thus if you are using Outlook in a small business environment, try to keep a powerful pst recovery tool like the much vaunted DataNumen Outlook Repair application installed in your Windows machine. It can pull out an array of data stored in Outlook including contacts, calendars and even embedded files without much ado. Further it can also be counted upon in case the compromised files are present in a removable media drive or are lying on virtual disk.


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