Learn Why Ms Outlook is Preferred by Many Over Web Based Email

Today most computer users have numerous355898-the-best-web-based-email-services email accounts including official and personal ones. Online email platforms such as Yahoo mail or Gmail have a huge following and have over the years improved their features to attract more users. Besides being completely free major online email platforms claim to offer a whole lot more than just email and these including online cloud storage, calendars, associated apps etc. Yet the number of people using Ms Outlook to access their emails continues to grow. Interestingly many people check their emails arriving in their Yahoo or Gmail accounts from Outlook itself. Let’s look at the reasons that make Outlook such a hot favorite.


Offline Access to Emails

One of the primary factors that has always appealed to Outlook users is the capacity to access their emails offline. Once you have downloaded your emails you do not need an internet connection to access them and can carry them with you with ease. Also with some online email platforms such Yahoo coming up with norms to disable old or unused email accounts, the threat of losing your emails remains. However with Outlook your emails remain with you forever.


Rich Feature Set and Integration with Other features such as Calendars

The Ms Outlook application encompasses a whole set of well thought out features that makes it easy to coordinate with your contacts and team. You can schedule meetings with your team members, get responses from them on schedules, share to do lists and basically run a small office on Outlook. Interestingly with the versatile People Hub in Outlook 2013, you can even interact with your friends on Social Media through Outlook, call people in your contact list from Skype and engage a whole variety of activities that simply is not possible from any online web based platform. If that was not all you get features to maintain journals, notes and even create labels to deal with different emails.


Managing Emails and Organizing them is simpler in Outlook

 In the Ms Outlook client you can create categories for emails and separate them as per your need. You can move old emails to archives automatically and use rules to perform a whole set repetitive tasks. Incoming emails can be filtered and sent to preferred destination based on your preferences and customized distribution lists can be created for mass email outreach.


Ms Outlook still has some flaws

While the Ms Outlook client is the first choice amongst email clients for millions of people across the globe, it still has some flaws. One of the most serious ones involves its propensity to succumb to PST errors. If the PST data files of the application get corrupted, the Ms Outlook application can crash or worse all the email stored in it can be at risk. To avoid falling victim to such a scenario, you should always keep a sophisticated pst repair tool like DataNumen Outlook repair handy. This brilliant application can bring back all the lost Outlook elements including emails and contact lists in a short span of time, irrespective of the media where they are stored in.


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