Learn Why Most Alternatives to Ms Outlook Do Not Really Measure Up

The Ms Outlook12-free-alternatives-of-microsoft-outlook email client today holds an enviable position in the desktop email client market and its pole position hardly seems to be under any threat. Though it is true that there are several email clients available today that claim to match Outlook, hardly any single application has the feature to match this class leading product. The sophistication of Outlook is so apparent that most users prefer it over Open source email clients that are available for free. Let’s look at some of the recognizable competitors of Outlook and understand why they come up short.


Mozilla Thunderbird gets bogged down by usability Issues

The Mozilla Thunderbird application requires no introduction to advanced computer users and anyone who is familiar with the Open Source community. For years its proponents touted it as the rival that can beat Outlook. Yet it has got bogged down by usability issues and has simply not been able to keep with Outlook in features. Today Outlook is miles ahead of Thunderbird with user friendliness acting as one of the key differentiators.


Zimbra is a pain to work with in an Exchange environment

Most mid and large firms use Outlook in conjunction with the reliable Ms Exchange mail server. In fact it facilitates a plethora of those fantastic collaboration features that Outlook uses to enhance productivity. The Zimbra email client on the other hand squarely fails to work in an effective manner with Exchange even after possible tweaks. So if you are already using an Exchange server, Zimbra comes across as a poor choice.


Pegasus Mail has way too few features to even compete

The key hallmark of Pegasus Mail is security. This USP used to work few years back when Outlook occasionally used to let through comprised emails without much scrutiny. However today, the latest iteration of Outlook can match Pegasus on security and simply overwhelms it on other features. The disparity in features today is way too much to warrant a shift to Pegasus from Outlook.


The Fabulous Ms Outlook Client can go for a toss due to a tricky PST Error

Very few people have any doubts over the fact that Ms Outlook is the go to email client for most offices and is equipped with an extensive feature set. While the prowess of Outlook is unsurpassed in its turf, it needs to be mentioned that it remains error prone to tricky PST errors. The worst part about these errors is their propensity to corrupt the entire Outlook data file and bringing everything from contacts to calendar entries at risk. Now given this fallacy that seems to go with every Ms Outlook version, keeping a pst recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair handy sounds like a prudent choice. This excellent product can save your email data and other important information with absolute certainty in most cases.  Last but not the least the tool can be used to handle several corrupted PST files at once.


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